Biggest financial fraud in history going on before our eyes

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Biggest financial fraud in history going on before our eyes

Mike Molyneaux

We shouldn’t be surprised if gold and silver prices crash in the near future – that’s all part of the insider’s plan. COMEX Banks will continue to depress the prices of gold and silver (by sale of fraudulent certificates on the precious metal market) until three situations occur:-

1. The depressed precious metal prices will drive mining companies into financial trouble and they will be forced to scale down production by halting work on less efficient reserves. Central Banks and/or their partners in crime will buy the shares of troubled mining companies at bargain prices. COMEX Banks will continue to depress the prices to the level where shortages for essential industrial use becomes the dominant factor in market demand and the price deflation will be temporarily interrupted. We are in this stage now. Mining companies will charge premiums to industries willing to pay higher prices for supplies. If buyers will not pay premiums, those mining companies who are part of the tricks played by the insiders will soon withhold precious metal in stockpiles. The US already has huge stockpiles of strategic metals.

2. The fraud in paper gold and silver is now being exposed in the alternative media. When this trick eventually becomes common knowledge there will be no more naïve or deluded investors willing to exchange their good cash for these fraudulent certificates. Then price deflation will resume until the market price becomes so low that investor trade  evaporates. Banks are now accumulating massive amounts of cash. Just before the market dries up the Banks will quickly use their good cash to buy extremely cheap physical metal from naïve cheated investors trying desperately to avert massive loss of their investments. Mining companies who are not part of the tricks played by the insiders will also be forced to sell their products at low prices (even including the premium) to bring an income for their operating costs. This situation will get COMEX Banks out of trouble by providing them the opportunity to accumulate and replenish the physical metal they claimed they held in vaults (and sold through certificates) but didn’t actually have in full amount until the evaporation of investor trade and the crash in gold and silver prices.

Central Banks will also buy up dirt cheap mining stocks as the naïve cheated share-holders sell out in desperation. COMEX Banks and Central Banks will then hold enough assets to avoid prosecution for fraud. The bail-in strategy may be applied to rescue any banks that don’t have enough gold and silver in stock when production and supply runs dry and they are unable to hide their fraud. A bail-in strategy will shrink the cash flow among investors and precipitate a dive in all the markets. Precious metal stockpiling will shrink certain sectors of industrial activity.

3. Shortages in commodities and goods will create confusion among producers and buyers. People will get angry as precious metal prices fall, reach ridiculously low levels and the market fails and closes. Once the gold and silver market has crashed COMEX Banks will offer to reimburse angry holders of certificates for a cash value (rather than physical metal) defined at a reasonable margin above the last prices published before the crash. Precious metal will also be received and bought for what will appear to be a good cash value. Given the disastrous circumstances, the prices offered by that time will seem attractive – the lesser of two evils. But cash currencies will later be officially reassessed and re-valued so naïve cheated investors will be disappointed.

This all-markets deflation will precipitate a global economic slow down and widescale social unrest. The National Guard has been preparing to contain any civil revolt or uprising.

A new gold-backed international currency will be declared to reconstitute and kick-start the global economy.

Central Banks in countries that hold the most gold will have the greatest negotiating power in the reconstituted global currency and economy.

When the new gold-backed currency is instituted the price of gold will shoot up and less efficient mining companies will come back into production. Central Banks and their partners in crime will make huge profits in physical gold and silver as well as the valuable shares of revived mining companies they will soon hold.

As usual the man in the street who trusted the government and the banks will be the greatest loser.

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Re: Biggest financial fraud in history going on before our eyes

On December 25, 2012 did our government ( can't bring myself to using a capital c when referring to them) and banks get foreclosed upon? Does this not mean they no longer exist? Sure, they are still out there but from what I have read, they will become a thing of the past. I'm sure you have heard of OPPT (One Peoples Public Trust). I feel rather foolish asking you if you have heard of this since it appears from all your articles that there is not much you have not heard of. I would like your input if possible. Did this really happen? Are we really free from debt slavery?