Bush Calls Out Attackers of Freedom: These are "Terrorist Acts"!

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Bush Calls Out Attackers of Freedom: These are "Terrorist Acts"!

Truth and Art TV

George W Bush was never any clearer in his September 11th and 12th 2001 open speeches to the world about what constituted 'terror' activity. Listen carefully and try to appreciate that when 9/11/01 terror attacks took place Bush was only able to reference that since "our way of life, our very freedom came under attack" that these actions constituted and were to be viewed as "terrorists acts". Right out of GW's mouth came these early and clear definitions of terrorism on September 11th and 12th.

We agree with Bush. Any actions taken by any entity which is considered an attack on freedom and America the "Beacon for Freedom", is to be taken very seriously as an act of terrorism. We agree with Bush that these are "despicable" acts and should be recognized as such. Thank you George W. Bush for making this clear and leaving no misunderstanding as to what constitutes terrorism.

This definition is extremely important moving forward since our government including FBI and DHS has conveniently EXTENDED the definition of terrorism over 10 years later to now magically INCLUDE those that love 'FREEDOM', America and those who recognize that America IS the "Beacon for FREEDOM" all over the world.

Let Freedom ring! If you understand the argument of this video please share.

Thank you for visiting.

Peace and love,