Chem trails. USGov? NASA? Aliens?

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Chem trails. USGov? NASA? Aliens?


I've heard many details, theories, meanings, etc. to the chemtrail situation.

Some say THEY chemtrail because of the outer space experiments they're doing (black/white hole, space weather, alien tech., whatever) and the experiments  have gone array. Blasting back into Earths atmosphere, damaging and polluting the Earth. Messing with the food (humans). I've even heard that the planes are not planes but holograms. Some sort of alien technology portraying as planes ....but whatever it may be...why not just shoot the suckers down? THEY say they do not know who the planes are, there is no information as to who the planes belong to. OK, then, I assume it's terrorist and they must be stopped. Anyone out there with access to a jet bomber?

Let's get to the source of the matter and take things into our own hands and start getting some answers. If THEY are going to allow us to sit here and hypothesize I say we turn that "freedom" into action. Why not? That's what they do. And I tell what, as soon as one of those unknown chemtrail planes are jeopardized, I bet we get some answers. Probably not the truth but we can go off what they use as a cover.  

Thanks and cool website.
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