Contest Entry #83: My Awakening Journey

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Contest Entry #83: My Awakening Journey

Tom Czternastek
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My awakening journey started in earnest eight or nine years ago but before I jump straight into the last few years I’ll give you some background of myself and my upbringing.

I was born into a loving but strict Roman Catholic family. I was sent to a private first school run entirely by nuns. Were they twisted or what ! There was barely a day gone by when I didn’t get belted or humiliated. This put me off nuns for life. The grammar school I attended was run by priests who also seemed to take an instant dislike to me. The good thing that my upbringing taught me was that there was life after death.

My first psychic experience was when I had a premonition at 10 years of age. Before I set off for a bike ride with my brother and his friend I had this horrible thought that I was to have an accident. Sure enough as I was trying to keep up with the other two an old man stepped out onto a crossing and I ran straight into him putting him in hospital. I feel that I am protected by angels because when I think back to youth and the crazy things that I used to get up to on my motorcycle, for example, one time I took a bend too fast and went wide heading for a head on smash with a van and I shut my eyes and saw my life flash before me, expecting to be killed, only to find that I’d somehow missed the inevitable impact.

Now coming to more recent times my wife was interested in paranormal programs and would go to see mediums which I must admit I was sceptical about. I went with her to see a medium and to my surprise he came to me and started to give me information that he couldn’t possibly have known or guessed. That was it, I was hooked. I started to buy books on mediums and spirituality and I started to re-educate myself. I felt at home with my new found knowledge so I joined a spiritualist church and attended development classes but although it was more to my liking there was too much politics and control, which is what I was trying to get away from.

On the physical side I started to feel my body vibrate as I was falling asleep. My wife has felt my body vibrating whilst I was asleep which made her believe that what I had told her about my vibrations was correct. I started to have flying dreams which are amazing and during meditation I can feel different energies creating pressure sensations around my head. I then took an interest in palm reading and realised that I have simian lines on both hands and my blood group in o negative.

My awakening took another turn when one day I went to the bank only to find that It wasn’t open yet, so I popped into the bookstore across the road. I went to the mind body spirit section and the first book staring me straight in the eyes was Children Of The Matrix by David Icke. I remembered him from the early eighties when he was humiliated on TV when he went public about his awakening and I must admit that I also felt that he had lost the plot back then but also in the back of my mind I realized that he must be onto something. I flicked through the pages and I realized that this fella makes sense. So I bought his books and added to my education. Doing further research on the internet the manipulation by the 1% becomes even more apparent.

If I had been faced with David Icke’s books from the first moment of my awakening I don’t think that I would have been able to handle all the information instead I was led by my intuition to first read all of James Redfield books which are a good grounding to spirituality and break you in gently. After all at 56 years of age I’ve had a lot of indoctrination in my life.

My awakening journey has been full of synchronistic events leading me to where I am today and I’m sure that there is a lot more to come that I eagerly anticipate. A lot has been said by various people about what will happen in 2012 and beyond and I don’t feel that anything dramatic will happen on the 21/12/2012 at 11:11 other than a feeling of tuning in and being able to see more clearly, like coming out of a fog and emerging into a bright and sunny day. The control system will continue to fall apart but it will take a few years before it has been completely revamped. I see a very positive future and when it is my turn to leave this planet my thoughts will be “Job done, time to go home”.

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