Contest Entry #84: Giant Pac-Man Swallows the Matrix?

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Contest Entry #84: Giant Pac-Man Swallows the Matrix?

Frank E.

Activist Post

At the end of the Matrix trilogy, the oracle reminds Neo: "Everything that has a beginning, has an end." As the matrix reaches the end of its life cycle, what can we do? In the biblical account of the flood, God instructs Noah to build an ark before the storm began. Here are the instructions:

The current matrix depends on human dysfunction for its survival. We must move to the higher ground of Infinite Love in order to unplug from the matrix. How do we do that? First, start searching for the answers to your questions. Your questions are God's way of unplugging you. It's the question that drives us. Whether your questions are about God, money, or sex, is irrelevant. Dig ferociously for the answers until all of your questions disappear. This is the process of unlearning the shit which keeps the Love concealed. Once the questions are all gone, only the Love will remain.

Secondly, engage in a spiritual practice which amplifies the Love, like meditation. For best results, drink extra water and add some exercise. Real change starts from within. Jesus said "the kingdom of heaven is within you" and compared it to yeast or a mustard seed. Discover the Love within, and come back to it until you live there. Eventually, the Love takes over, and spreads like fire. The current matrix cannot be fueled by Love. In fact, Love is a virus to the matrix program. It's like a giant Pac-Man that swallows the matrix and transforms it. So if it makes you more loving, do it. If not, toss it out.

Finally, remain accessible to other humans. What good is a website if no one sees it? This is the time to mingle. The Love virus requires exposure. It does not mean that you have to "spread the word," although that will happen automatically. The Love in you needs no words to spread. A sneeze or cough will do if you're truly infected. Beyond the five sense reality, is a vast Alice in Wonderland full of rabbit holes and back doors. Love does its best work there. There's no need to fight to get your point across. In fact, fighting puts you back in the matrix. Instead, go within and Remember Who You Are.

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