Contest Entry #85: The Year of Transformation, it’s 2012

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Contest Entry #85: The Year of Transformation, it’s 2012

Jason J.

Activist Post

I love the natural world, it reminds me that I’m home no matter where I am. There are times, however, that I turn my back on its eternal healing and knowing, usually when I need it the most. When I’m down, I shy away from her silent truths, but she waits for me, she reaches out to me with patience, she soothes my soul, and cradles me back into myself. She gently reflects what we want to see in ourselves, and when our hearts are black, she echo’s our shadows but sheds light, never still, changing and growing with a perpetual evolutionary momentum. Her chains of freedom give us the will free or to bind ourselves, its nature that provides the potential for eternal abundance, not man. Sometimes I wonder how we were grown to witness her, and to garden this great escaping estate for a day. Nature replenishes me and invigorates my being, it helps me to feel more and it ignites my consciousness.

I connect with the natural world as much as I can and try to hear her call over the screams of a society that seems geared up to detach us further from our intuitive human birth right. I worry that we are losing that relationship and gambling with our precious faith in ourselves and placing bets with microchips. When I look over my shoulder at the sprouting youths, filled with so much budding, it concerns me that they are not being taught the true value of the world’s natural treasures. Instead, we focus our immense potential on the pursuit of insular, disposable pleasures, derived by a trend of cool, unending accumulation, with little thought to intelligent regeneration of precious resources. Horses for courses, we can’t close the door after the horse has bolted, yet we seem to lack vision on the peripheral effects of our actions. We are blinkered if not blinded by the distortions of a misplaced value system, and manipulated by the lost prophets of profit. Our agricultural talents now lent to the farming of men’s hearts and minds, as we’re deluded into believing that our hearts content is shiny and costs the earth. We are sold an illusionary, mixed message of perfection, and then we are told we just don’t match up, and in doing so we’re creating a phobia of ourselves and of nature. As we pass through this hall of mirrors and lights which shine brighter than the nights sky, we can’t even see that we have lost our way. We’ve made mistakes and we know it, but TV refuses to pause the adverts and show it, instead we bathe ourselves in oil, and are told to wash away the soil of truth, and then to pocket the change we need to make. Somewhere we have made the choice to bite the hand that feeds us. I ask myself, how can we survive by opposing ourselves and our home like this. These are some of my fears and as I push for change frustrated by our limited range, I stop.

But as the light of hope fades and betrays the beauty of the moment, and the shadows begin to grow, I’m forced to find a light within, and face these worldly woes. As I do I see, I feel an excitement, I hear the distant voices echoing, the claustrophobic calls of others surrounded by their walls, wanting to be free. I join in and the song expands and rumbles deeply in unison. And the vibration tells me that I’m experiencing a connection to the cumulative truth of deep human wisdom, wisdom so pervasive, so powerful that the oligarchical rulers dare not mention its name and cover their ears. The light from within me projects onto the round wall of my fears, and I see, for the first time. I see that I am projecting the wall, my eyes open and the dawning of my consciousness breathes a flame from within, the fear is beginning to thin. As I reach out to touch the wall and feel the cold damp surface of those fears, the projection fades and I see beyond. I look, and view the many around me being born, and pushing through the shells of their own demented dream. I see some without the strength to push through and falling, others already free and calling, come everyone, it’s time. A tear falls down my face and in its very reflection are the struggles of the innumerable souls before me that have pushed me to the pinnacle of this moment. Now is the time, and time is nothing but the now, I’ve arrived. Bruised, worn, hurt and humbled, but whole, and all around me is nothing but truth that grows. The sound of the song we sing in a singular voice springs from within, with the words that state we are one, and we have won ourselves to share again. The new world is, was, and will be ours in which to delve, this is the year of transformation, it’s 2012.

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