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Contest Entry #86: Cloak's Removal

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Twenty years ago David Icke received a transmission whose influence resulted in what was for me a turning point in my spiritual understanding, coming in the form of his book, "Infinite Love is the Only Reality Everything Else is Illusion." This set in motion the receiving of my own transmission, if you will, which I believe expands on David's pioneering work.

The awesome truth of who we really are centers on free-will, and what is done with it. Love's intention (Divine Intent) is for expressions of itself, the Source of joy and imagination, to man-ifest. Being hu-man makes us primary forms of this expression, meaning that as the "imaginations of ourselves" we are free to express joy and imagination however we will in our singular being. This is the Original act of love, but the key to understanding what went wrong, in terms of the "veil of tears" called human history points to ourselves as those singular Beings of Love's expression. For it is my contention that for Love to have its manifested existence infers an inexplicable trade-off. This means that as single entities of Creation it becomes our responsibility to acknowledge our existence as being an act of Love. Some do not, and this is where all the trouble started.

When created beings of Love 'find' themselves in these singular states their conscious perception of this can go one of two ways. Either Love is acknowledged and the endless journey of a free-will experience of joy and imagination commences, or something tragic happens which perceives the reality of a singular existence as being one of abandonment; of being un-loved. A perception of grave import for mankind, whose confirmers of Love's intent were to become victims of a great deception.

You could say we are 'delegated' by the Divine, and confirming Love's intent establishes bonds of trust which makes Creation possible. The interconnectedness of Life in all its manifestations is sustained in imperishable realms, places where nothing has been occluded (i.e.; gone missing) But when one's take was one of having been abandoned by the Source because of being un-loved, the plug to Love is pulled, resulting in a dis-connection. A sense of insecurity ensues, and it bred what became known as fear. The opposition to Love was born.

Fearfulness sees a need for self-protection, implying that there is something to be protected from, something seen as a threat, and not to be trusted. Countering this required the need to control. This meant imposing themselves in ways that reflect the sense of disconnectedness they experience, made with malevolence in reaction to the threat induced by fear. A means must be found to trap, and then isolate those who acknowledged Love's intent. The misperceived need for protection must be satisfied.

Intuition suggests that the initial act of imposition resulted in an 'opiate of amnesia' for mankind, which has marooned us in the quarantine of a strange land - what we've known as Planet Earth.

The distrustful ones needed only one tool to do the job of imposition - intent; the will "to do". Their essential materials would come from the products of form and movement; our aspects of thought. Call it a devious power of suggestion. The goal was to change the composition of what I call "Coalescence", the state of our true spiritual reality, done in a way that would create a condition of isolation to reflect the disconnection of abandonment they felt.

Experiencing Life in an unmolested realm is secured in a state of unified connectedness. To im-pose upon it means its position is altered, resulting with a disruption in its state of confluent integration. This changed pose is what you might call a "superization", meaning its place is fixed; a superimposition. The fix was in and a state of separateness resulted.

What I see as a malevolent action of 'spiraling out' (having to do with the co-opting of true time) was exacted for the purpose of controlling other Beings, and bringing those naive ones (us) into a superimposed state. What was formulated as a direct result of this surreptitious defense taken against their will was a condition of 'cloaking' - the illusion of matter as afixation and no longer functioning as it would in it's true state of what could be called for example, energy moving at various rates of vibration, or different frequencies. (Another way to put it would be to call matter "pure imagination", with intent determining the particular nature of experiences in it) A state of virtual reality was made, and a true realm was altered in a way that turned fear around on to those who know love.

As stated, the insecurity which had originally bred fear implied a threat to be protected from. This prompted a force of action whose reactionary objective was to separate instead of bond. The insecure ones' intentions would be to impose illusive formats which convey perceptions of distance to be isolating. To implement what would become a desultory state required this illusion of cloaking (concealed;hidden. Occluded; occult=c-l-o-u-c-t)

This cloak is what characterizes the matrix. It is the ultimate enabler of the controlling grid, whose orchestration operates through an illusive pose of time and space. A virtual, but not true reality. And we are in the initial stages of the cloak's removal.

The 'de-cloaking' involves a dismantlement of matter, and the return of a preternatural spiritual state, ending matter's role as the illusion's conveyor. The main thrust towards accomplishing this uses a method of liberating true time which breaks the spell of experiencing matter in its present condition of what I call a 'linear erosion', i.e.; the trance which has captivated us with the illusion of aging and death. Intuition tells me this method is called "precession" - a mitigated intervention in an overall transformation; an end of time as we've known it. This signals the steady and tangible emergence of ourselves as the Spirit Beings we truly are.

A state of spiritual awakening isn't being progressed to. Rather, the places for its unfettered experience has been regressed from. Now, we are in the end-game of an imposition upon Life that finds us in the contrariwise puzzle of preceding "back" (precession)

When we see this planet as being in the grip of a controlling matrix, then we have to ask what may be accompanying Icke's "moon matrix" postulation of that which contributes to maintaining this grid. My own sense is of the engineering of two 'resistors' we know as equinoxes. If the moon is somehow responsible for its own grip of hypnosis, then could equinoxes be key components in a centrifugal dynamic of the matrix system, embodying a disingenuous 'loop' of time? (this would imply what we call the Sun as being somehow complicit in the controlling grid)

While the ancient Mayans were accurately characterized as being master astronomers, I don't think they understood the full ramifications of what is called the "precession of the equinoxes". Perhaps this is the nexus-changer, with an intervention of 'precessors' arriving at their date with a destiny which has been here all along, truth be known. Time on this planet is a car geared in forward, 'eening' out of control. It has always 'passed' where it's truth is always sitting, whether careening or not. Right now its illusory engine is blown out, and the momentum which has kept it going is finally coming to a stop in the presence of itself - signalling the arrival of a true "here and now".

Time in its false pose of linear erosion has been the setting which has enabled all the aspects of control to occur, culminating with the 'logical' (albeit, evil) progression of a "New World Order" with its plans for complete subjugation of humanity. Humanity in it's slumber has allowed Life to reach a stage of critical mass. We are standing on the brink, staring into the abyss. What is staring back is not the threat seen through a lens of fear, it's only a reflection of our self-delusion.

But the jig is up, and true time is ridding itself of inhibiting means of connection, its old markers falling by the wayside, the false illusionists remanded. Matter's cloaked role in the drama of time's imposture ends in this final scene. That play is over and another one resumes. The shackles of our masking symptoms are being thrown off, a new experience of restored wonder is coming. The question which remains is how severe will these symptoms of withdrawal be? It's up to us. It all depends on humanity's heightening level of awakening; the cumulative power of our mitigation.

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Re: Contest Entry #86: Cloak's Removal

Thank you Brownhawk and Kudos to your entry as well.
     The matrix is a massive sea of potentia, or potential energy at rest. All of creation is kinetic energy, or energy in motion. Consider the possibility that what science calls a "black hole" and super massive black hole is the same thing religionists misunderstand as God, and others have called Central Suns and Great Central Suns, Logos and Logoi.
     What if the Singularity was not a super massive object whose gravity is so great that even Light cannot escape it? What if the Singularity was a portal between the matrix and the universe? What if what scientists call the absence of light was simply the absence of our ability to see or detect the supra-luminal Light of The Source that is not moving or vibrating?
     Our eyes and our 3rd dimensional tools sense light in very narrow spectrums of vibration, so if this Light is not vibrating at all, how would we detect it? What if the Singularity was actually some type of transmitter and receiver that is the source of all information radiated into and contained in what we call the universe?
     What if what science calls the event horizon is not the point where all light is sucked into a black hole, but the point at which potential energy is translated into kinetic energy, through the desire of the Singularity to experience itself? What if this information is being radiated in two different polarities or formats which we misunderstand as Light and Love?
     If the energy we call Light was a signal carrying information that coalesces into the identities of creation that we call stars, planets, and moons, and the signal we call Love coalesces into what we call "empty space", and all of this information is being radiated outward by the creator identities we call stars into different densities of the space of Love, and we were to discover this and prove it to be true, what would our new paradigm look like?
Just something to think about.
Rusty H