Contest Entry #87: The Teenage Human Race

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Contest Entry #87: The Teenage Human Race

Willow Willis
Activist Post

A few years ago my brother did himself some rather nasty injuries due to a misadventure. Seeing him sitting there forlornly, his body patched up and broken made my heart go out to him. But from personal experience I knew a great secret which not many people have come to realise yet, they will soon though...
“Cheer up!” I said in kindly tones “It’ll be over before you know it!”
In the click of a finger six weeks had passed and his casts were being cut off and to look at him you would never realise he had been in such a mess. I cautioned him to be mindful of his thoughts for a couple of years; trauma can linger in other more insidious ways…
That was over five years ago.
Separately, an old friend of mine was attacked by a shark in Sydney Harbour. He is a big, fit man with piercing blue eyes and a military career. A shark was the last thing anyone expected, except me. Everyone thought he was going to die, except me.
I knew this day would come, I knew this would happen and it did.  I have an alternate ‘vision’ - they don’t call them ‘seers’ (see-ers) for nothing and everyone has it. I can see the holograms overlayed onto some people; their lives, their futures, their thoughts. It’s sort of like looking at people through a pane of glass and their information is projected onto it similarly to those movies Avatar and Minority Report.
When I went into the hospital to visit him he was minus a leg and a hand. It was awful. As soon as I laid eyes on him I couldn’t help being aware of the awesome power of nature; this big, highly trained, government killer had been felled in under a minute by one of nature’s great predators and in seconds had changed the course of his life forever.
The only words of consolation I could offer were “time accelerates when we experience trauma”. In the blink of an eye two and a half months had passed, he was preparing to be discharged and said “I can’t believe how fast this last couple of months has gone.” I could believe it, I know, I’ve been there.
Time bends and accelerates when we are suffering, it does this to get us through the ‘rough patches’ as quickly as possible. It’s one of the many failsafe mechanisms built into nature to shield us from pain.
He is lucky to be alive and as a result of his adventures (and despite his best intentions) his duties to the machine have largely been downsized - he was meant for more than that. He now helps the plight of sharks and the cause definitely needs him.
That was over three years ago.
There is an ancient Arabic saying that says “it is written” or “it is written in the stars”. In other words, some things cannot be changed - it is a right of passage; our destiny cannot be avoided despite the best laid plans. That is not to say we can put our feet up, our actions will define us as a collective and as individuals.
We are entering into a time that I have come to think of symbolically as the ‘teenage’ phase of our evolution. We are not children anymore and yet we are certainly not adults – we are somewhere in the middle. The ‘parent’ figures i.e. the establishment etc, have, in the past, frightened us from leaving this house using bogey man stories, threats and finally violence; struggling to control the inevitable restlessness of this growing global teenage psyche. We are in the midst of tediously stretching our fledgling wings and the cliff awaits…
We have grown past the fairy stories and the childish fears; we want to know what is outside this house, we want to know who we are, we will not be satisfied with some flaky bedtime story told to us by these dubiously intentioned false lords. Our vision is clearing, our teenage perceptions are sharpening…we are asking direct questions now and questioning the answers; why do little boys and girls have to starve while ‘the queen’ lives bejewelled in a palace of unending riches? Why?
As is normal teenage behaviour, the teenage human race is terribly self conscious at the moment - even 'hormonal' - and during this growth spurt we will have irrational fears, outbursts, arrogance, uncertainty, embarrassment about our changes, celestial pimples, urges, desires, exploring love, soaring highs, crashing lows, big ideas, problems finding our voice - even a breaking (and shaking) voice, we are often full of distain and indifference to these so called ‘parent’ figures. They are old fashioned, outdated and not ‘in touch’ with this emerging culture that we are spearheading and we despise them for trying to stop us from living our own lives - by trying to keep us in they are forcing us out.
They are afraid they will be left behind and thus be left alone, they cannot stand their own company – paradoxically, we seem love ours. They are so afraid they will use all the tricks in the book to prevent us from discovering ourselves and justify this intolerable abuse with the age old adage ‘this hurts us more than it hurts you’.
And yet despite the fear tactics the teenager’s overwhelming urges cannot be held back - we will at length simply walk out that door, we will take our chances and make a new life, not like those old defunct parents - but a new exciting life! Surely, whatever is out there couldn’t be worse than what’s ‘in here’?
In the context of a whole life these traumatic teen years will be over before you know it! The teen years of the human race will, funnily enough, last about the same amount of time as an actual teenage cycle; about four to six years. As the Age of Aquarius dawns the teenager is leaving the old house and entering into their own new house (double entendre absolutely intended!)  
It's funny how my life has played out, I hear other people speak of this, the nuances and the delicately interwoven series of events, the ‘coincidences’ that got me here. There are other things; ‘numerology’, ‘astrology’ and ‘psychics’ – these are just fractals of the program, backup scripts, confirming the data.
I have memories from before I was born…David Ickes’ ‘Remember Who You Are’ is sharply profound to me right now; I remember that I had to remember! I was told before I came in here “you will be given all the tools you need, but it’s not going to be easy”. Whoever they are they didn’t lie to me and I came in willingly.
Confidence has always eluded me until I realised ‘If I was chosen to come in here and help at this crucial time they must have absolute trust and faith in my ability to do this job! Considering what is on the line here (only the future of mankind and the world no less!) only the best people would be selected to do this job rather than risk taking chances with incompetents.”
I now realise I was the pick of a highly evolved set selected to come in and do this job and so are you. I am much, much more than I previously thought and as much as I volunteered I was chosen and so were you.      
Suddenly, I am trusting myself and I have more faith than ever, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! And sure, the random bytes of information (glitches in the matrix) come up in dreams and manifest as occasional ‘emotions’ and ‘self doubts’ but I just remind myself ‘you are upgrading your interface and installing the latest software, of course there are going to be some glitches in the system until the new data synchronises and settles in’.
I am not afraid anymore; I know most of my pain is the result of chemicals and vaccinations that have damaged my nervous system to create the illusion of fear in me - in my heart there is a lion!
When you came in here there was a trade off; ‘they’ got your mind and your body but they do not get your soul or your heart unless you willingly give it to them. That’s why the illusion is so elaborate - they are trying to con you out of the most valuable assets you have. In time we will heal out bodies, we can adjust our minds but it’s our hearts and our souls that will see us through this time - those are the gifts they covet the most.

Remember; in times of trauma time accelerates and this will be over before you know it so hang in there. You are the best person for the job at hand and considering this event happens once every 26,000 years you ought to be proud!

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