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Marc Jacobs
Activist Post

I remember little as memories fade with time and even prior to the very end everything was going before it was actually gone.  I look to simplicity now as the complex world order of old became a malevolent complicity of the malicious elite and the ignorant masses.  They are gone all of them.  I am a history maker now.  I choose to remember humility and I recall my father once wrote on paper.  I typed on something called a computer.  My children now scrawl on stone.  Knowledge is still power.  Many years ago we treasured information as the written word.  Then we kept it on clouded computer files.  Now information is held in the mind, like times far, far back and passed on from one generation to the next.  This was how it was at the great beginning of my civilisation.  This is how it is again.  It’s easy to lose information.  It’s simple to forget translation.  It is quicker to manipulate meaning.  Soon, without gentle nurture, the next generation may not even realise this is a planet let alone that it is round.

I remember the very last strands of civilisation.  It was filled with monetary collapses and environmental catastrophes.  Trade and commerce between great nations withered and died.  Massive quakes, violent eruptions and high tsunamis caused havoc the world around and that which we originally created for good such as nuclear fusion, recycling and the internet mimicked the natural obliteration with manipulated idealism and left no further evidence of our accomplishments upon this earth.   We did not realise that both nature and humanity could work in such devastating tandem.  As religious war consumed central lands atheism stretched around the borders.  Great games were played out by the tight grip of a few hands.  On the boundaries of new communicative means conspiracies were whispered whilst the pulse of the mainstream connective were sucked into mindless thought by those who sought to profit and empower themselves with emphatic control and invisible subjugation.

I was lucky.  I was taught prematurely that the meek shall inherit the earth.  From an early age I learned to love and although my social status was never significant I followed the moral compass and the biblical stratum.  I found myself moved by an ethical wind with every decision taken.  I wound up in a place unobtainable for many in the final days.  Certainly for those without self education or a considerable awareness for others and so I established myself in an area special for survival.   We were given nothing but the land we found ourselves upon and the air that we breathed.  We were told nothing.  We asked nothing.  We thanked whatever elemental force greater than us that brought us here.  We were chosen.  We chose.  We heard the rumours of wars and terror abroad, of instant destruction and degradation.  We fell silent in a suddenly tightened system until that very arrangement petered away without forewarning.

Life for our old world began with the direction of a higher power.  Spread across the planet in many forms and dialects it began as original messages that seemingly came from the stars.   As civilisation grew so did the interpretations.  Mankind imprinted and dominated theocratic feudalism.  Gods were worshipped, religion intertwined and perfected and prophets were sent forth in times of uncertainty and doubt.  The word was renewed and rewritten.  Eventually even the son of God came before us, the last man rich with pure selfless dedication that offered himself as a sibling as he offered us all as siblings to a way of life that eventually became the final symbol of defaming religious hierarchy.  The cancer of our own importance had grown too strong.  Social structure became enslaving; a pyramid of control that moulded and perfect through the quickening ages and swept across the lands and seeped into the oceans.  Connectivity brought us closer but individualisation kept us apart. Control established by those who would not relinquish.

Some spoke of design.  An invisible force that many millions felt but could not see.  The only blueprint in the end was the one created by them.  As they fashioned our own history they twisted it simultaneously.  Kingdoms rose and Empires fell.  The victors of war were not always the moral.  Pictures were painted to deceive.  The blind became the confused.  Those in power hid themselves down darker and more deceitful depths but spread their tentacles out further and tighter. In the civilised growth of the world millions died throughout the ages for causes unjust and ill conceived.  A repenting message remained the same even if the characters and stories changed because they could not remove inherent good from our hearts yet our emotions were always manipulated at every turn and facet; subliminal and subconscious until the unmanageable conclusion.  I chose to listen by instinct alone.  I was lucky.  I was born into fortunate choice.  As such I chose to lead a life without continuous sin, a life with few mistakes and a life with no great consumption.

Free will was ours to entertain and abuse as global systematic organization developed.  Desire, lust, greed and fear clouded our judgements and filled our souls.  Nurtured and encouraged by our hidden leanas-y.html
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he history to manipulate the future used such imagery to create and instil hope in the constant. The naive heeded the mixed symbology but neither these blackened sheep or the Sheppard’s who herded them into tiny enclosures were truly prepared for the eventuality.  The Age of Aquarius came and with it the demise and the rebirth of mankind; the resetting of the fundamental and the beginning once again of Pagan tradition.  A period of history our civilisation once scorned and buried deep within our past for those that masqueraded order from chaos had labelled it blasphemy.

I am certain now that we were, are and will always be guided by a greater power that will only relinquish control when we have collectively grown to a higher consciousness.  One that is loving and encompassing; forgiving and understanding.  How many resets have and will occur until that age will come?  How many thousands and millions of years will it take for us to learn?  Why are we repeatedly given the chance?  I believe that in our very souls exists an eternal light that can never be diminished until it truly burns bright.  This is why we are guided by the stars and controlled by a force unseen.  This is why as individuals and a civilisation we are offered a platform for personal and communal development in the moment and over an epoch. Somewhere through the history of the universe it was eventually accomplished through the very same minds, hearts and souls.  The belief is it will again.

Rapture has occurred and those that have reset have gone.  We never knew who they were.  In thousands of years those that live through coming trials and tribulations may not know them either.  We can only hope with this new growth we eradicate what went wrong in all those eons before for sure we were not the first civilisation of humanity on this planet to be given the chance to live and to have it taken away because of the choices we made.  We are an experiment of self fulfilling prophesy.  We are a repetitive seed that grows into a full bloodied rose that has yet to truly bloom.  Those that sought to live their lives momentarily weighed heavy over those that thought of generations to come.  Living for the day replaced the grander vision.  Immediate opulence was favoured over gradual nurturing.  Life was the era you lived and not the eons that made up past the past, present and future.

The higher power will come once more.  Our children will witness them as birds in the sky and when they are ready; when we are all set, they will come to ground and offer servitude.  We will make carvings and draw great lines in the earth.  With their help we will erect structures and platforms.  They will go and come again less frequently as our beginnings formulate and mature but for now this is the time we live in; the time to set, at the very start of another reset.  We work the land as our children watch and learn.  We teach as we live and we share collective honesty and simple pleasures over individual lust and loathing.  The earth is ours to take care of once again for we are now not the plague of bacteria we became in our personal desire to live forever but just the temporary Sheppard’s and the Caretakers of a complex system, knowing and acknowledging our small and indeterminable fates within a multi dimensional expanse.

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