Contest Entry #92: Rothschilds, Son of Sam and Tesla

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Contest Entry #92: Rothschilds, Son of Sam and Tesla

Michael Mcintyre
Activist Post

Ah, nature plus nurture to semi-awakening:
My great grandfather miffed the Rothschilds at the turn of the last century. He and conspirators cornered the cotton supply hence textile factories paid more. He tried it again, and my uncle says “the New York boys put him down.”  Of course my uncle doesn't want to hear about top Rothschilds, nor about vast plans, earnestly and admirably establishes a jazz museum soon to be underwater in New Orleans. Has himself played jazz in Moscow and Martha's Vineyard, part of The Last Straws for 50
But briefly William Perry Brown was The Cotton King. You can see his 1903 house by googling “romanesque romance”, a Times Picayune picture article last spring, since the mansion, property of a big lawyer for BP, is now open for NOMA run tours. One can see the walk in vault in the dining room appropriate to the organizer of the Hibernia Bank, and the bowling alley on the third floor.
In a 1904 Atlanta and a separate Charleston, SC newspaper puff piece, it's asserted that no business person was hurt by the price rises, only the consumer paid a little more, for security. Biggest problem now was too much capital in Louisiana, and such high wages that the negroes labored only for two days and spent the balance of the week “in riotous leisure.” (Same quote in both.) I suspect Rothschilds, J.P. Morgan and said darkies would disagree.
After Brown was broke and dead his youngest son, Philip, married Ermine Charbonnet, known as Patsy but never was one. Four Charbonnet brothers  came from Alsace-Lorraine  to New Orleans in the 1740's, so it's a common name in NOLA. It means charcoal colored, and charcoal burners and Alsace-Lorraine are important in Illuminati history, so there may be genetic aspects to semi-awakening.
For nurture we have the 7/6/67 Buffalo Evening News local news headline in the early edition, the ones dad’s family bought for friends in New Orleans: “Son, 13, Fails In Attempt To Save Father, 39” and the story was both wrong and repeated  next morning by rival Courier Express. That taught me about journalists. My mother was NOT running along streamside screaming for help. She was asleep in the Fury station wagon half a mile away. And “attempt” should be plural. I dove for a perceived 40 minutes so as to be sure of at least 20, my window of brain life in non-Arctic water, crying and praying that he might be floating face up downstream, barefoot fat kid (but good underwater swimmer, more interesting than surface) in shorts, t shirt, glasses held on by rubber bands. I put them into the 20' canoe after the first few dives, didn't matter, nighttime now. (Turns out, he was having his first heart attack I realized in hypnotherapy in '96. If I were an adult cardiologist in scuba gear with a flashlight I might have had a shot.)
It taught me that bad things can happen fast, at the happiest of times. (And also in unhappy times, like now.) It also, eventually, taught me about blocking, for I blocked that his death had any importance at all, survived high school. My younger brother, 12 in '67, told me in '79 that he had only 2 ½ memories of him. My older brother in '07 thought the death had occurred in the cemetery part of the stream, depth
1 ½ feet. My mother until '81 thought me the least bothered, for I was the stone boy.
We block things. During WWI, oh what good business that was, the generals sent cavalry against well emplaced machine guns year after year, until at least summer 1918 from the Brit side. They did it because they loved cavalry, had come up from cavalry, couldn't give up cavalry.
In October '04 I was part of an Orthodox old calendar (Julian, we don't need no stinking pope's calendar) pilgrimage to Israel and Mt. Sinai, got to see Calvary and lots of teenagers with kalishnikovs
and hatred. One stop was Jacob's well (on this sects agree, the Manger has 3 locations).
The priest restoring the Byzantine church had in his private quarters a picture of Arafat set up like
his icon corner, a shrine. Arafat was a corrupt pedophile, no friend to his constituency, kept the money. I didn't mention this, just marveled, drank his wine.
Similarly, Israel is the most anti-Semitic place on earth if  you look at its purposes and practices.
Israel is not there for the good of Israelis any more than the slaughterhouse is placed for cattle mercy.
If the ownership of Israel (all leaders follow the money and blackmail) attacks Iran (second largest
Jewish population in Mid East) they will kill many Diaspora Jews for the supposed sake of Ashkenazi
(Khazar descendants, 9th century converts) for whom Palestine is not ancestral. But Diaspora Jews have been treated badly since Israel’s 40’s terrorist and Nazi helped founding. And of course Ashkenazi aren’t Semites, descendants of Shem, son of Noah. They’re Japheth’s seed.
But Ashkenazi are some of the sharpest tools in the box, very useful: wolves to be commanded by the Count, in the Rothschild case despised by the Count.
What makes an old family is literacy. Records are kept. I have in front of me a 1947 leather volume with a tiny envelope containing the carte de visite of Pierre S. Dupont, translator  of the 1808 Pierre S. Dupont’s Deist treatise claiming a great advantage:
“For a period of two thousand years, from generation to generation, my family has kept records of principal and interesting events, particularly those relating to the religious opinions of its members.” 1
First is a Druid, but he only blessed harvests, shed no human blood. Later is a Roman Senator of Toulouse, then interspersed Catholics and heretics, including one burned at Beziers in 1209 during the Albigensian Crusade. (I did two yearlong papers in high school about Arnaud Amalric, the papal legate running the Cathari slaughter, who at Beziers said “Kill them all. God will know his own.” He was also part in 1212 of killing many Jews in Toledo on the way to Las Navas de Tolosa, first big victory in the Reconquista.) Ain’t religion great?
In medieval period some clergy and some nobility and most of the Jews are literate. As a group, the latter are the sharpest tools in the box, honed by pogroms, and if you lend money you keep records, like Duponts.
But Rothschilds and others that pretend to be Jews aren’t. They’re Satanist/Luciferian, and that’s not a religion it’s an ongoing business deal. Robes are worn for blood serving, but are no more religious than  McDonald’s outfits.
Plus they marry shiksas, and Judaism passes through the mother. They often marry Merovingians, from the Magdalene’s womb, but those guys have pretended to be Christians for millennia, like the Pope. All religion is cattle control. The chief function of Christianity is anti-Semitism. But how can anyone blame Jews for a Roman execution on a holy Hebrew weekend?
We block. Oil is abiotic in origin according to a standard Russian/Ukrainian theory from the 30’s, gets contaminated organically as it rises and moves laterally in “migration channels”, like the one BP tapped into and deliberately blew. The Russians have gotten a lot of oil since WWII, the shake your moneymaker war, and from as deep as 7 miles, far deeper than biomass sunned on surface exists.
Wells in the Gulf of Mexico declared empty have refilled from below.
The wars are not about oil run out. They are about contracts and misery. David Berkowitz, Son of Sam,
in the early 90’s said guilty, not getting out, but that he was only one of the killers. He was part of The Process, and they got income from drug dealing and snuff films and pay for the Sam killings, which were “to spread chaos.”
I ran into Process members in ‘71 in Chicago, 2 guys in one piece monk outfits (real ones have several
layers) giving out sheets saying there were 4 godheads: Jehovah, Jesus, Lucifer, Satan. I thought “ok, that means anything goes, avoid these guys.” A returning sophomore said “They give good parties, but people disappear.”
Snuff films cost.The market is very high end. Do the tippy-top think they see the soul leave, the money shot of murder ?
While Brown was briefly Cotton King in New Orleans, J.P. Morgan had 51% of $150,000 invested in Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island. The funds went in in 1900, out in 1904, and Morgan advised the other investors to also pull out. The uncompleted tower for wireless transmission of electricity drawn from the planet was dynamited by the Feds in 1917: possible hiding place for German spies PLUS a landmark for submarines. Dick Tracy would approve.
Virulent anti-Semite Morgan had 4 years to consult with London Rothschilds, decide, hey, we use oil for a while. It’s filthy, it destroys.
 1)    Dupont, Pierre S. Renee, trans. Bonfils Written by Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours
    and Published in Paris 1808  (Wilmington, Delaware, 1947)  (Facing page translation of
Irenee Bonfils sur la Religion de Ses Peres et de Nos Peres)   p. 1

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