Contest Entry #93: 2012 The new collective consciousness: “You are what you think”

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Contest Entry #93: 2012 The new collective consciousness: “You are what you think”

Joachim B.
Activist Post

Around my 21st birthday last year, suddenly one of David Icke’s books fell down in front of me when I was looking around in one of Munich’s biggest bookstores. Intuitively, I knew that this meant something. The following days I searched the internet to find more information on this mysterious David Icke. One week later I was convinced that I had to study what this man had to say so I bought no less than three of his books. In May that will be one year ago. David Icke has played a very big role in my awaking since then and still is.

Before I ran into David Icke, I had been reading a lot about spirituality as I have always had the feeling that something was missing. I became aware of the feeling that “something is not right” when my father suddenly died when I was 15 years old.

Last year I went to Munich, Germany, to work as a trainee for a big business to experience what the working life is all about. I found out that if I do something without a purpose, it is not worth doing. I enjoyed the experience and I learned a lot from it. In my spare time I had a lot of time to read so I did that. And exactly one year ago now, I started reading David Icke's books. They turned my world upside down. I could feel him when I read. I felt his intension and that all he wanted to express, was the truth about this world so I believe him. Even though a lot of what he talks about may sound negative and hard to accept, it is actually not. It is just the truth. Just look at the facts. The reason why we see it as negative is because we think it is. This negativity is hard for most people to face and that is exactly why it is still there. The outer world is just a projection of the inner world so when people do not want to / dare to look at their own negativity inside of themselves, automatically they do not dare to look at the negativity in the outer world either and that is why the manipulators can control humanity in the background without anyone noticing it. We hide our own negative feelings inside of us so therefore we do not see them in the outside world either. So when I looked at all the crazy stuff he is writing about, I was forced to look at my own dark sides (however this comes later). So as you can see his work has given me a whole new perspective on the world - and a lot more confidence as well. I slowly begin to trust my inner voice in everything I do and it is a great feeling. I returned from Munich at the end of last year and since then I have been working on breaking free as David Icke describes it.

In the beginning of 2012 my inner voice / my inner feeling told me to contact a spiritual teacher (a trance channel) who should teach me how to channel (I have always felt attracted to this but never dared to say anything about that) but with David Icke's knowledge in mind I did it on 01.01.2012. It was time to look at my own dark sides but I did not know that yet. I met up with him mid January and since then my life has changed dramatically - many times. I have been forced to clean up my inner world and to look at ALL the negativities that are in there. It has been quite an experience. What you go through when you break down your old energy structure is similar to a depression I think. I spent the most of two weeks sitting in the sofa, starring at nothing. I could not see the meaning in anything. My life was nothing and I was nothing. Everything I had achieved through my life was nothing. I went through periods of a lot of anger, frustration and sadness. Now I can see that this has been very beneficial to me as this inner clean up has allowed me to take new knowledge in and expand my consciousness I guess. This new energy I started to send out has led me to the right people and the right places just like David Icke describes.

His books have definitely kick-started my spiritual growth and I thank him very often for that. He has done so much for humanity and still is. Good on him.

Tomorrow I travel to Peru as I have always wanted to go there. As a medium told me in 2009; “Your 22nd birthday will host some major events”. I will turn 22 in Peru and I believe in myself more than ever.

A new collective consciousness is coming with 2012 I think. It will introduce the knowledge; “You are what you think” to a lot more people in the past. This of course will lead to some major changes in the world.

David Icke’s event at Wembley will be a symbol of that. “You are what you think” – WE ARE FREE. WE ARE ONE.

Lots of love from Denmark


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