Did We Just Miss the Black Friday of All Semi-Automatic Gun Sales?

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Did We Just Miss the Black Friday of All Semi-Automatic Gun Sales?

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Amanda Warren
Activist Post

I snoozed too long. I worked the week and thought I would have enough free time to research and purchase an AR15, better for my small frame and strength than an AK47.

Just a few days ago, I held one in my hands. It was at Cabela's - one of the few last stores whose supplies could withstand the mega demand for semi-autos once the buzz went around about weapons bans, Obama - press conferences, treaties, and congress men and women with pens ready to sign laws in just over a week even though they often carry permits and have armed guards. Same with other celebrities.

This was not the typical Christmas rush - even the haggard employees could attest to that. It would almost have been inspiring to see both genders, multiple races, all ages and walks of life there purchasing firearms had it not been so agonizing to wait hours and then more hours during the purchase process.

I totally blanked when the employee behind the counter asked for what purpose I needed the AR - Uh, defending liberty? I said shooting at the range - he was only trying to figure out what model etc would work best for me. But seriously, I want one just because. Because they are now as extinct to the buyer as dodo birds became to the hungry Dutch sailors of yore. Because we should have them. Because the 2nd Amendment is not addressing sport - in fact, it mentions the need for a well-regulated militia which has nothing to do with the military. The military of the Revolutionary War were the British soldiers - they weren't invaders, really - we were colonials there. Because - how easily we slumber! And forget how quickly the sands of genocide swallow us whole.

The best write-up I have found for the question you've probably heard a lot lately "Why do you need an assault weapon?" or "Why semi-automatic?" is here. He eloquently expresses my same sentiments.

When filling out for the background check, I mistakenly placed a current residence where I'm only staying instead of my official postal address, neither of which matched my license and there were differing states. I really wish I had had the foresight to put down the official address but you can't wipe out what you have already entered. I had to give her back...

I tried to check out the gun shops in the area of my official postal address - but even by the next day, they were all gone. In the next few days I called them all - shops within two hours of that residence - gone, gone, gone. Some laughed at me, some were tired of the phone calls, and some were optimistic that this would all die down soon and that distributors would replenish their stock in a couple of months. But...a lot of gun enthusiasts are not convinced. Furthermore, when used ones were available they were $1200 and up, and most aren't willing to sell their own. Let's not even get started on magazines and ammo.

So this news today that Walmart is selling out - uh, most places were wiped clean days ago. It was a flippin' mad house at Cabela's - we can kiss them goodbye for now. Or maybe you can kiss and hold yours tight - you're lucky to have it if you do. Talk to your guns about tyranny. Hold your guns tight tonight.

Me, I'm plenty happy with revolvers and rifles - but there's no reason we shouldn't be able to have the same defense as the typical enforcement that sometimes uses the same weapons to abuse power and shoot innocents. For instance, how many times in the "War on Drugs" have they gotten the wrong house and shot anything that moves? Heck, even my pizza delivery guy doesn't get the wrong address that often and he's only delivering food.

Here are some timeline pictures showing the frenzy of the sales spike in semi-automatics:


Remember: "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

Also remember the words of Aragorn: