Don't vote for Jerry Brown or Steve Cooley. They should resign!

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Don't vote for Jerry Brown or Steve Cooley. They should resign!


Steve Cooley is stifling the prosecution of Ralph W. Dau Judge of the Superior Court, Los Angeles. As implied by his conduct Judge Dau accepted a bribe and committed frauds upon the court. Cooley endorsed Judge Dau in 2008. Although he states on his website that he will investigate any criminal complaints against a judge, he has rejected my complaints. He refuses to act, because he has a special relationship with Judge Dau. By his words and deeds Judge Dau provides proof of a prima facie case of unlawful judicial misconduct. Jerry Brown is the top state prosecutor and has a duty to prosecute a corrupt judge when a district attorney refuses to enforce the law. The California Attorney General has rejected my complaints instructing me to complain to the Commission of Judicial Performance. The commission is notorious for sweeping complaints under the rug. Visit my YouTube video. Search for -- Don't Vote for Steve Cooley or Jerry Brown. The URL is: 

Cooley and Brown are not doing their jobs and have broken the public's trust. They should be prosecuted for obstructing justice. They should resign because they are not qualified to hold public office.
When are we going to clean up the courts? When will corrupt judges be removed from the bench? If prosecutors conceal instead of exposing judicial bribes, the courts will be run totally for profit.

Robert Palmer, Ph.D. (Stanford '74)