Ironic: Bush and Cheney can't travel in peace outside U.S.

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Ironic: Bush and Cheney can't travel in peace outside U.S.

At least they are getting a small glimpse of the disgrace they have heaped on average American citizens.

Does anyone think that they actually will be tried for their crimes and wind up in prison, or... ?
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Re: Ironic: Bush and Cheney can't travel in peace outside U.S.

Ground Crew
George Bush senior was responsible for the 1989 military invasion of
Panama and during the removal of CIA agent general Noriega George Bush
senior ordered the massacre of estimated 3 thousand innocent
defenceless men,women and children and had there bodies bulldozed into
mass graves,evidence ON VIDEO At 1:10:00mins and At 1:11:45mins
The Panama Deception - George Bush Senior,Murderer,Terrorist
The Panama Deception
At 14mins president of Panama Tourihos was assasinated by CIA,general
Noriega was on the CIA payroll and was known by US government and
George Bush to be drug running but Bush increased his pay of American
tax payers money and made Noriega commander of the Panama military
At 44min and 45:10mins US soldiers executing totaly innocent Panamanians
At 48:50mins US soldiers prevent news camera crews from filming
At 48:57mins a Spanish news photographer who had taken photos of the
dead bodies in the morgue was shot
At 49:24mins photo of Spanish photographer lying in the road with his camera
At 49:34mins US soldiers ransacked Panamanian radio and TV studios and
newpapers to prevent them putting out the truth then the US military
put out there own TV news a few days after the conflict.
At 53:17mins footage of raided and vandalised offices
At 1:10:00mins 50 mass graves in Panama the US military are
directly responsible for killing an estimated 3000 to 4000 thousand
men,women and children and burying them using bulldozers.
At 1:11:45mins people found dead with there hands tied behind there
backs and shot in the back of the head looks like US military executed
innocent civilians
At 1:18:40mins new CIA chosen Panama leaders were taken to a US
military base just before the US military invasion of Panama
At 1:21:05mins another reason for the invasion was to remove Noriega
who the US government accuse of the flow of drugs being sent to
the USA but cocaine traficking has doubled since Noriega was removed
and the new Panamanian elite backed by George Bush senior are now
controling and supplying cocaine to the USA
At 1:26:38mins Panamanians say there country has been ruined and they
publicly condemn George Bush who has left there country in ruins and
thousands of innocent dead
At 1:27:05mins George Bush senior makes a public speech in congress
TOTALY LYING to the American people who have been kept in ignorance
At 1:27:43mins THE MAIN REASON for the invasion was to remove the
Panamanian army which Noriega refused to do but the new installed
puppet leader of Panama Guillermo Endara changed the constitution in
1991 so that Panama could never have an army,the US army now
permanently defends the Panama canal.
WE HAVE A BUNCH OF CRAZIES RUNNING AMERICA,legalised criminals,so when
is George Bush going to prison for mass murder or seeking psychiatric
help for his insane political rationality?    What has the murder of
thousands of innocent Panamanian civilians got to do with removing
Noriega and the Panamanian army,ITS TERRORISM.
===========  Part 2 - Ex-CIA John Perkins  =============
Ex-CIA John Perkins worked in South America bribing and threatening
south American leaders to agree with American corporations
interests,if they refused the CIA jackals would execute them and
replace them with a puppet dictator controled by the CIA.
John Perkins an elite insider and his book "The Secret History of the
American Empire"
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - John Perkins speaking at Veterans
for Peace National Convention
At 7:05mins John Perkins said he failed to persuade Panama leader
Tourihos so the CIA Jackals assasinated him and John Perkins feels
deeply guilty because he knew him personaly.
At 12:00mins Saddam Hussein was a CIA agent assassin then the CIA made
him president of Iraq - At 14:00mins Israel is mainly established as a
military fortress for economic corporations - At 17:00mins economic
corporations are responbible for Iraq war and many U.S. and U.K.
soldiers have died unnecessarily
John Perkins,Aljazeera TV - Riz Khan - Economic Hit Man - 27 Nov 07
Corporations put poor countries into debt and covet there natural resources.
At 5:15 John Perkins names leaders of countries the CIA wealthy
corporations assasinated and decided to write his book to expose them
but was bribed with huge amounts of money or threatened his life and
daughters life to not publish it until 9/11 happened which made him
publish his book.
At 15mins the media is controled by the corporations to manipulate
public opinion and make sure the truth does not get out

=======  Part 3 - Ex-CIA George Green Exposes Elites deception and plan 2000  ==============
Georgia Guidestones,standing stones engraved by the global elite
saying they want to depopulate the world population to 500,000,000 million
Total Destruction of Western World.AVI
Ex-CIA George Green says China is presently acquiring all the USA and
Canadian assets and China will be given these countries and USA
citizens will be put in concentration camps then executed just like
the Jews in WWII and Stalins USSR.
George Green is inviting people to join his GROUND CREW to stop the
NWO elites plans of global depopulation.
Depopulation Agenda Explained by Dr. Rima Laibow and Major General
Albert Stubblebine
The globalist plan is to reduce world population by 90%
At 2:45mins in 2002 a head of state said to Dr Rima ITS ALMOST TIME
FOR THE GREAT CULLING she said they are the NEO ARISTOCRATS who are
the elite at the top of the
pyramid of society
At 5:55mins the (WHO) World Health Organisation smallpox iradication
programme in Africa was a cover to eliminate 150 million Africans
General Wesley Clark Tells 'Democracy Now' The Truth About Middle East
And War On Iraq!
Preplanned wars were made years in advance against
Iraq,Syria,Lebanon,Libya,Somalia,Sudan ending with Iran and oil is the
main reason.