Nuremberg in America

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Nuremberg in America

Jack Mullen
Activist Post

The tide is turning for America, foreign operatives fronting for global banking interests have been discovered and exposed in high positions of the federal and many state governments. These operatives have been involved in sedition and treason for many years, but only recently has the American public been made aware of this situation.

The time has come to answer the question, do we have a government of men or a government of laws?

The United States Constitution is the highest law of the land, the Supreme law from which is derived all other laws. For years and most extremely since 2001, the Supreme law of the land has been egregiously disregarded by rank-and-file members of the united States House and Senate, high ranking members of the judiciary, the Presidents of the United States and a long list of state government “officials”, judiciary and  governors. These sworn up-holders of the Constitution have with impunity been guilty of wantonly violating the Supreme law of the land and their sworn oaths.

I believe the time is right now to call for arrests and resignations of a laundry list of traitors in the federal and state governments.  The time has come for a Nuremberg-style trial on charges of sedition and treason for those actively supporting or calling for the end of the Constitution, the violation of the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment,  the Ninth and Tenth Amendments and others.

The list is long and it can begin with the resignation of Barack Obama and his staff, followed by the resignation of Eric Holder and his staff. Next any Senators and House members supporting restrictions and sanctions against citizens legally, under the Supreme law of the land, choosing to keep and bear arms in America, must be relieved of their duties and tried for treason.

After cleaning house in the federal government, investigations leading to arrests must be made in many states including New York, Maryland, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, Colorado, Hawaii and several others.

Governors and legislators, signing and supporting restrictions and sanctions against those choosing to keep and bear arms, should be tried on charges of treason for knowingly advocating and actively attempting to overthrow the Constitution (the Supreme law of the land) with acts violating the Second Amendment and others incorporate in state law and violations of oaths.

I have selected violation of the Second Amendment as an important criteria for grounds on charges of treason, because the Second Amendment is the fundamental physical restraint built into the Bill of Rights ensuring law abiding Americans have recourse to force - if, and when, foreign usurpers attempt an overthrow of the governments of America. Attempting to restrict, curtail, or eliminate the application of the Second Amendment is clearly a means by which to provide comfort and safety to foreign usurpers.

There are many private groups and organizations that have also been seditiously supporting and funding attempts to disarm Americans. There are many individuals actively supporting the treasonous actions of those mentioned above. There must be investigations into these groups and organizations to determine culpability regarding charges of sedition.

I think it is now time for all of us to speak to our remaining Constitution-abiding government representatives, our sheriffs and state and county level prosecuting attorneys and demand traitors be arrested and brought to trial.

The occupation and deconstruction of the American system of government and traditional way of life must stop. It has to stop for mankind’s sake.

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Re: Nuremberg in America

 looking into this Danny Defenbaugh FBI expert.  He was involved in the OKC  cover up. He is one of the guys Dan Bidondi grills at the press conference.

Prior to retiring from the FBI in 2002, Defenbaugh was special agent in charge of the

Dallas Field Office of the FBI where he participated in the investigation of the

Pentagon/Twin Towers terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Danny Defenbaugh was also involved in Chicago pedo priest cover up.