They're Coming For Your Water!! Alert!

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They're Coming For Your Water!! Alert!

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Ginger Jane Hammack
The Yuma Liberty Outpost

What if you woke up one day and found out that your community's water had been legislated away by your state Government in order to sustain other communities for “sustainable development”? This situation is unfolding right now.

A serious death blow has begun to amplify in the desert southwest. Home/Land Owners. Business Owners, and those that play vital rolls in the Agricultural Community. HB2338 (Arizona), is a blatant government power grab, in a effort to legislate away an entire county's water rights in the name of sustainability. This type of legislation is a serious threat to all counties in the United States. It threatens to steal the water of thriving communities in order to sustain in the name of “sustainable development".

In a local forum May 31, 2013, Yuma area residents provided their opinions to AZ Representatives Darin Mitchell, Lisa Otondo and Rep Frank Pratt, A presentation was provided by Herb Guenther a former head of the Arizona Water Resource Department. Representative Brenda Barton was also present, Director of the Agriculture and Water Committee. Also in attendance were a few other key members of Arizona legislature who were seated within the audience. Hundreds were present in this forum, not a seat was to be found empty.

Many are likely unaware as to the threat HB2338 imposes on our future. However, dozens of speakers were very educated and with great passion provided well-formulated opinions to representatives and the public.

The forum was held at Yuma City Hall, One City Plaza. As concerns have been growing around the Bill HB2338. Severe droughts, continue to plague our communities both near and far. However, it was largely unanimous among the crowd today that Yuma's water could be wisely managed via laws already existing regarding water transfer without additional regulations that Bill HB2338 would implement. Also mentioned was the regions untapped water aquifer.

Yuma Mayor, Al Krieger, was the first speaker. The Mayor spoke and emphasized heavily the importance of survivability of not only the city but the community as a whole. The tremendous contribution this town is to our nation and historically so.

Mr. Bobbi Woodhouse begged the question to the committee, Is it OK? Simplistic? Murdering a community in order to sustain another?

Mr. Woodhouse also noted what a “death blow” HB2338 could be to Yuma, AZ. While making a fantastic encouraging reference to a process already in place regarding water transfer.

Mr. Woodhouse reminded the audience about a viable document and foresight of our founding fathers. The U.S. Constitution. An applause was heard across the room when Mr. Woodhouse said, it's OK for this bill HB2338 to die, we don't need it! Another speaker Mr. Wade reminded the committee, to remember they are working on a bill that is opposed strongly in our community.

Ken Rosevear an Executive Director of Yuma County Chamber of Commerce, urged legislators to be great stewards of our water. He rang the bell loud that in Arizona, Agriculture is King! As a matter of fact the region is known as the “Winter Salad Bowl” of America. A representative from Greater Yuma Economic Development mentioned that Yuma alone is responsible for cash receipts totaling 1.4 Billion dollars and a GDP of 3.2 Billion dollars. Chad Pierson, General Sales Manager for Bill Alexander Ford gave credit to the Agricultural community for all the white trucks purchased over the years. Sharing his love for this community Chad spoke wisely and alerted to all that the ,“boogie man is after us.” Of course we cannot forget the people that make this massive economy work; Local farmer Tim Dunn who's family came to Yuma in the 1950s from Eloy, shared concerns as well. Mr. Dunn stated “that people can come here to where the water is. Our water is critical to the food security of our country.”

There where dozens of speakers, locals that stepped up and came out to share their passion and have their voices heard. After all, what is more vital than our water? A passionate testimony was shared by a representative from the Yuma Community Food Bank. A food bank that has fed over 5,500 Veterans. Provided food for hungry children, and has received less than 10% of it's food supply from the Government. This food bank thrives from the support and generosity of the Agricultural community. As it is challenged by an overwhelming number of unemployed, it's mission has reached out far beyond Yuma, Arizona and well into cities abroad. Even with it's own community suffering with the highest unemployment of 32%, in the nation, respectively.

This news unfolding as we speak, is beyond words. Do you think that your community will be safe? Think again! What I'm about to share is going to make your bones shiver. It's going to cause you to reconsider everything you've been led to believe. This community of Yuma, Arizona is just an example. A prelude of what is to become. Is it by accident? No way! Have others warned, Yes! Who is responsible? What evidence can I as your journalist/community activist share, to help you understand. This agenda brought forth is neither by accident. The evidence is everywhere.

Have you wondered why in the last few years, City and County roads have gone literally to hell, with the only explanation being, “no funding”, or “The State Capitols around the U.S. Are taking all funding for themselves.” Have you wondered why furloughs have rippled through our communities and the national number of welfare recipients has grossly risen along with high unemployment in communities across America? Did you find yourselves unable to learn more about freedom, loving, local candidates whom tried to brief communities on U.N. Agenda 21. Our water rights, and land rights and the near threats to our communities? The danger is here! This is insane, this very reality is not just one issue. It is connected. This is a matrix of deception. You have to hear me, please. You all have been lied to. Manipulated for decades. Here we are. In imminent danger. Water our most vital resource known to man.

Have you come to understand that our food has been largely genetically modified and that most of our food has little nutritional value, full of high fructose, and over processed? Is it any wonder that our nation has been plagued with hunger, obesity, cravings, poverty, oppression, and the highest number of people on pharmaceuticals?

Right now, learn this word. Mega-regions. Your town isn't being oppressed by accident or because of lack of funding. Your town and towns across our great country are being oppressed on purpose. One speaker today noted that the water should stay here. Make the people come here. We are the ones they want moved! Mega-Regions. Global development supported by Bill and Melinda Gates. 2050 maps. Many of you may not have a clue what I'm talking about but know this, your future is deep shit. The future of humanity. The youth coming up, will all become enslaved to a new world order. Don't think it exists? President Obama mentioned it in an Inaugural speech as did former President Bush.

In proving my point think about history. Are we really above improper behavior? Really? I beg to differ. How many wars are we in? How about the victims of slavery during the 18th and 19th Centuries?
Or how about the terrible atrocities that took place during the second world war under the rule of Hitler.
I could go on and on. When will people wake up? What keeps the public asleep? Is it work? TV?

The future of communities around this great U.S. Are in serious trouble. Water rights are coming down on the American Public as some sort of new issue that just suddenly came into the public arena. It hasn't, and many tried to warn you. The situation urgently requires for us to stop this type of legislation from passing. We need to reach into our souls and protect every corner of our towns. Protect our people and tell everyone! Tell everyone! They're coming for your water!

For additional video and images see here:
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Re: They're Coming For Your Water!! Alert!

just about every negative thing gov. ect do has already happened in Hungary years before they do it whereever your at
you would do well to watch what happens there in order to have forewaring