We have to keep 9/11 in the news

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We have to keep 9/11 in the news

Think of all the new voters who were children of nine or ten when the attacks occurred.  That's a good portion of the public whose memories are short to begin with....but who have never been allowed to understand that the challenges to 9/11 have been stifled by the gatekeepers on the right and the left.  This is a taboo topic...that cannot be posted on Daily Kos, Huffington Post - or any other so called progressive site.  As a result, there is no real awareness that the questions raised by the 9/11 Truth Movement have never been allowed to surface.

One site that continues to post editorials, videos and news to raise public awareness is http://tvnewslies.org.  The editor of TVNL was interviews by RT tv.... and the You Tube has been seen by more than 17,000 people.  Some of you might want to send it around.  If enough people tweet it, it will spread very quickly into the millions.  


If you Google 9/11 Facts... that site comes up first of several hundred million 9/11 web sources...another thing to do.  We have to stop preaching to the choir.  And,  FYI, TVNL was one of the first sites to challenge HP for removing Ventura's comments.