Writing Contest Entry #101: Resistance is futile

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Writing Contest Entry #101: Resistance is futile

I believe I had my wake-up call 3 years ago when the docters told me I had breast cancer. Because at that time I didn't know any better, I followed treatment of surgery and radiation. At the same time I tried to figure out what caused my illness, since regular medicine is not interested in that; they rather treat the symptoms with heavy chemicals, which make you even more sick. They also suggested chemo and hormone treatment, because the centinal node they took out during the procedure was infected. Now I know that they spread it because of the 5 biopts they took from my little tumor (0.9 cm). I refused both treatments due to a very vivid dream I had of me dying in agony from it before my time. I was certain: I would rather die with quality of life, instead of having a remaining life depending on chemicals and medicine: a never ending story of being a victim of the evil moneymakers in illness. Instead I turned to alternative medicine: high dose vitamin C infuses, detoxification, mental labor, viscum album injections, vitamin and mineral supplements, raw and biological foods, homeopathy, meditation and trying to understand the nature of my cancer. My latest treatment is with the PERTH, which I still use at this time. This is a Pulsating Electomagnetic Resonance THerapy device. In short, it gives all body cells their original frequency they need to enable them to regenerate themselves and activate the self healing powers of the human body. It gives me a lot of energy and I can treat the damage that has been done caused by the operation and radiation treatment. Also I follow workshops of Human Design. This is the science of differentiation, instead of generalization. With this knowledge I wish to be a guide for others to wake them up so they too can stand up for humanity and oppose the powers that rule the world at this moment. With Human Design you would have a great tool that can be used to make people aware of themselves and their surroundings, the decisions they make, the lives they live and what is essentially important and what is not.

At this time I see those who take advantage of people with a life threatening illness, giving them deadly medicine and lies that are built on the patients fear of death and pain. It is very sad to see, because most people who are sick believe the fairytales of docters and regular medicine, because there's a thick veil over the truth about the commerce in sickness and people don't have direct and honest access to the bigger picture of what is possible (alternative medicine). I try to talk to many of them about my experiences. Some of them I can reach, but the majority doesn't want to know and don't want to leave their comfort zone.

I see the injustice, inhumanity, suppression, wars, negligence of the weak, the sickening moneymaking and lies of the powers that are, the elite, Illuminati, the 1%. It is my belief that they want us all to be slaves, nobodies, not human. They don't have a face, they are invisible, hiding themselves behind rules, regulations, laws, power, greed, money, corrupt governments, media, their so called knowledge and truth, They apparently rule our world by 'divide and conquer' techniques and 'give them bread and games' tactics, eventually causing the deliberate destruction of 3/4 of mankind.

These are the powers that rule our world at this moment, making or breaking their rules and words to fit their greed or any other hidden agenda purpose. They lie, cheat and build their fortune over the dead or sick bodies of people, leading them like sheep to their downfall, who in return are convinced that this is their destiny, but it is actually because they are not allowed to know any better/more. The powers back each other in every layer, so the people think they must be most trustworthy and most of them actually believe it is for their own good and that they mean well and that they are looked after. The evil powers have to be exposed, and they will be. For starters it is good to see that their castle is already crumbling down by their own doing, because the knife always cuts on both sides!! They will eventually be exposed by us or by their own doing. Their true faces will be seen by many and there is nowhere to hide. The people will not believe their lies anymore and therefore they will be left powerless. Not with violence, but with love we will defeat them or make them turn around and see their dwellings. I'm happy that I and many like me can see them for what they really are and our numbers are counting, also thanks to your good work.

I don't have a job right now, because I will not work under authoritive authority, especially when it is merely commercial with no heart for the people and when it doesn't benefit mankind for the better. So I wish to make my own business that benefits humanity, help them to become conscious, self aware, free and live a happy life, which will help them to understand what is going on in this world right now and their role in changing this in order to protect what they have just regained: (self)consciousness, happiness, freedom, not only for themselves but also for their offspring and fellow humans.

Change is needed, now!  I'm seeking guidance for whatever the universe wants me to do on this earth at this time, because I know I have to be here now to guide the people. For I know I'm a part of the bigger picture of pioneers to change this world for the better and that the keyword must be LOVE (528 Hz). Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone and thank you for your priceless lectures and inspirations.

Please be safe and keep on waking up more of us!

Sincerely, Anne May Hol
'Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the decision that something else is more important than fear'. Ambrose Redmoon

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