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Writing Contest Entry #102: Usually Blind

This world has named me Lee, although the importance of that is questionable to say the least.

I was born in the West Midlands, England in 1988 (shock! only 24!) to working class parents. My mother was 23 and my father was 27 at the time of my birth. Both of them worked  and neither of them had any real belief in religion, although most of my fathers family were, and still are Born Again Christians.

It seemed in my early years that I was relatively happy, but then who isn't at that age? The world is much different to a child, they have not yet been subjected to the age old illusion so many people call "Real Life".
I Still remember my first day of school. I remember my mother dressing me in my uniform and telling me not to be scared. I also remember what happened shortly after she walked me into the school, and its something many people either don't remember or consider unimportant. And it is this, after all the parents had bought their children into the school, the teachers told the parents it was time to leave. An innocent request? Well, let me tell you, from my memory of it, nearly all of the children in my class, including me, started crying, screaming even for our mothers not to leave us, but they did, without empathy, saying things like "come on now, your a big boy/girl, time to grow up". Now, eventually, some taking longer than others, the children of my class calmed down and school life began. But I will never forget that moment. In later life i have looked back and realized that that was the first moment where it becomes obvious to a child that, someone or something that considers itself to be more important and have more power over you than even your mother, exists. This is the moment that is built upon throughout your life, constantly furthering the agenda of those who wish to control you.

My Mother and Father divorced shortly after I started school, when I was 5 years old. Somehow my father got custody of me and i lived with him until I was 11 when I went to stay at my mothers for a weekend and begged my mother not to make me go back to my fathers as he had a new wife who did not like me. To cut a long story short, my mother had to go to court costing both sides large amounts, but in the end my mother regained custody of me. I tell you this, not because I require sympathy but because I believe it is important for you to understand the unstable, uncertain life that lead to my awakening.
I started one high school at the age of 11 and I hate to use the word "bullied", but i was. Children do not,it seems, always know how to deal with their emotions. Due to this, at the age of 13 I was moved to a different high school where luckily for me i was much better accepted and made many lifelong friends. It was at this second high school that my interest and enthusiasm for music flourished. I taught myself to play the guitar and piano and began writing songs. Now, something people rarely mention about music, but something i find to be true, is that most music of credibility (really written from someones soul) comes from people who have open minds, who question things and inevitably, most of the music I loved was made my people who had at least at one point, taken mind altering substances. Enter the next stage of my life.
From around the age of 16 I found myself constantly drawn towards taking these mind altering substances. I felt like something was missing and when i took these substances, that something, that missingness, disappeared. Now, let it be known, I AM NO ADVOCATE. I believe that what is right for one person may not be right for the next and I in no may encourage anyone to break the law and take mind altering substances. However, I did. And through the repeated experiences something strange manifested inside me. I stared to realize that consciousness is not, and can not, be what I had previously perceived it to be.

So my search began to find out what exactly is going on, or even to find out, that I don't need to understand what exactly is going on. I felt I had opened my mind and achieved all i could with mind altering substances, so i stopped taking them. I watched endless documentary's and speeches by alternative thinkers, read many books and texts, and slowly started to see the whole picture coming into form as the brush strokes of realization painted themselves on the canvas of my mind.
All recognized ancient religions and ancient civilizations, i discovered, had basically the same structure and beliefs. And that structure and belief system still exists globally today. This lead me to ask, why is this the case? and how can it be that the same structure has existed for thousands of years without mass opposition? After all, it is evident that people as individuals don't like war, yet throughout history the individual has given himself up to be a sacrifice in wars he has little understanding of with little potential for personal gain and therefor should have no personal interest in fighting. Yet it continues. This, and other similar observations, bought about an overwhelming feeling inside me, a feeling i couldn't explain for a long time. Many solo deep thinking sessions and reflection helped me explain to myself what I had been feeling, and what realization was taking place inside me. It took what seemed at the time like forever and at that time i never thought id come out of the confusion and achieve clarity, but i did. I came to my conclusion and it is this:

Consciousness is everything and nothing else exists. I am you. You are me. We are the earth. We are the sky. We are the universe. It all only exists because of the power of consciousness. And I truly believe that if people, on mass, also commit themselves to the one true understanding that: "we are, what we think we are", the human race, all animals, plant-life, the planets and stars can align as they are supposed to do, and we will be able to connect to our one true consciousness, instead of the fractured one we perceive, and then we will be able to do great things.

The moment is upon us, i am a prime example of an average Joe achieving the awakening. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. My hope is that someone will read this and it will help them understand and awaken.

Lets not get tied down by the people who wish to imprison us in this body. Its a choice. JUST SAY NO

Lee Brickley

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