Writing Contest Entry #103: My Awakening

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Writing Contest Entry #103: My Awakening

Alexis Nightingale
Activist Post

My life so far has walked me along a path of staggering sequences,  and events that have been very uncomfortable to experience.  What I have made of these experience,  that took me to the brink of my life here on our Mother Earth is the awakening that has amazed me beyond expression.  I have discovered a knowing that lives inside me,  and that knowing had always been there;  how many life times have I spent to discover myself I know not and that it is irrelevant.  Make no matter of it cause I am here now,  and matter is an illusion that we participate in and not actually belong to,  amazing when you begin the truth of knowing and how the secrets have been kept from us awaiting the moment of awakening.  For all the appropriate vibrations to come together, David Icke  being one such appropriate vibration.

How did I awaken, slowly with discomfort.  Like one has to feel through our senses that this world is an illusion and that it is created,  that I spent decades of my life being the unhappy puppet.  To reach the looking glass and step through to the other side, I discovered remarkable things:

I spent my childhood being programmed, an old programme that was never challenged by previous generations, a programme of “do as you are told.”  We all know that one, I left home a.s.a.p  being fed up of the abuse, knowing in my heart that abuse it definitely was.  I did an apprenticeship as a Shepherd,  and was programmed in how to use sheep for meat and wool production.  Moved on to subcontract shepherding  went to New Zealand became the first woman to shear in a gang, the effect of that was a shearer tried to rape me, and I also witnessed terrible abuse of the sheep, teeth being broken, legs broken and pizzles being sheared off.  All in a days work in the shearing sheds, I protested and refused to collect and grade wool,  much to my detriment cause  I was then attacked and marginalised.
Organophosphate sheep dip in Britain was making the farming community very ill,  I became depressed and suicidal.  The doctor and the Psychiatrist  I felt were of no use as they refused to look were I wanted to look and that was the Why? of it all.  So I helped myself  and did a Btec National Diploma in Social Science, from that I discovered a covert agenda that was to rule people through social status, geographical availability of jobs.  Different class' of people programmed through social norms, values, culture etc via their parents, heritage, peers, environment and school etc to fit particular roles ie road sweeper, Doctor, Vicar, Teacher.

The pyramid of social structure, psychology showed to be the manipulating tool.  Experiments showed that humans do not question, and that they are easily manipulated.  Why is that? was my question,  why did they have to be manipulated? was my other question it was obviously for some reason. And that did my head in for years,  David Icke gave me the answer and it made perfect sense.  I did not come across David Icke until twenty years later.

I tried Midwifery and was aghast at the politics, cover ups (one woman was having trouble birthing so an emergency C section was granted.  She had an epidural that had not worked properly, so as they begin to cut her she screams out.  I am asked to draw up the anaesthesia while the anaesthetist is texting on the phone! I am a student in my first year!  After the C section I was taken aside and told not to say a word to anyone), hygiene, attitude to all the women and it goes on, so I left.  I discovered the world of hidden truths,  blunders made by people deemed to be of authority;  the very people that we are required to respect are no different to every one else,  I discovered that class is an illusion.  That the hierarchy is nothing but created, created by what?  And that did my head in for years also,  again when I found David Icke he gave me the only answer that made sense.

I had already my class 1 (HGV 1) licence  by the time I was 22 and spent 5 years driving articulated lorries,  there, at home and in New zealand I discovered the strange obsession with sex in men.  Now first of all, like usual the young girl blames herself for sexual abuse at home,  then it is self blame that it is 'Something about me that attracts'  this kind(unkind really) of behaviour in men.  Eventually it came to me that men are programmed to view love as a sexual expression,  I came to this revelation when I knew I loved the men I spent time with, loved them unconditionally.  I had    no desire nor want to have a sexual experience with them.  I loved them,  but the men could not just do love without sex.  Not until I was in an abusive relationship that I then asked my husband  “what is love ? “   his reply was “sex.”  Our boys are programmed to see love as sex,  this is why they can be free to love their Mothers but not love their wives.  Wives must always give them sex so that they can feel love, the love that they felt from their Mother.  Our girls are programmed to flaunt sex, so that the boys will love them, just like their Fathers love them.  The love is undermined in relationships as a sexual act,  and not how it is with child and parent an unconditional all that is love.  People have forgotten that love is All That Is,  the hidden agenda knows so it has systematically broken down the family bond and puts children in school, programming them through peer pressure for sex, earlier sex education and heaps of symbols that produce adults that feel deeply unhappy that they are not loved.  Men clawing at women to be a replacement Mother, and women shaping men to be a replacement father.

The more I began to see the more I began to notice,  as David Icke says “the rabbit hole goes very deep.”  Having available to me David Icke's  books means that I can cross reference them with other works,  that I can delve back into them and continue to broaden my understanding.  His reptilian work has made so much sense in understanding the abuse and pain that people go through,  when my mother tried to kill me as a baby I know who was standing behind her sucking the emotion from the act that she was playing out.  My Mother was weak and not well, she was a tool for their food and continued to be a source of food for them as she was put into an asylum and electrocuted until she said she felt better.  

Our society has been engineered for the hidden few and their Masters,  I would like to see them gone.  I would love to experience the beauty of humanity,  everyone having the opportunity for soul expression.  Everyone to have what our Mother Earth has always provided us, that has been kept from us except through the abusive control of money,  clean water, housing, clothes, quality food, life education, freedom of movement and not any concept of hurting each other as that is alien, that is not Human. To be ourselves, to discover ourselves is the most exciting feeling.  Freedom from the prison,  can you imagine how great we are?   We can be free and this is the time for awakening,  I feel strongly about it in my heart and have done for a long time.  Though I also see that in my village many people walking asleep with no comprehension of the rabbit hole, the Truth Awakenings that I see and can feel will penetrate all of us,  the awakening is real and will hurt as it as it hurt me,  but like giving birth and I have done it three times,  the discomfort is progressive and the resulting feeling is out of this world.  Discomfort is surely here and coming together with All That Is Love in our beings we will create an out of this world experience.  Our world.

We do not need the external force that David Icke calls the Reptilians, We do Know longer need to be imprisoned thanks for the experience it has been interesting.  Now no longer required,  thankyou Reptilians for your service.  You can go home now, Goodbye and safe journey.  Heaps of love.  Love from Humanity and Mother Earth xxx

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