Writing Contest Entry #108: How religious slaughter feeds the real vampires

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Writing Contest Entry #108: How religious slaughter feeds the real vampires

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Jane Whitehead
Activist Post

I first heard David in 1995 and even then it was obvious that he was talking sense!  Now so much of what was a mystery is being explained, not least the obsession of certain
religions with the shedding of blood.

In 1980 a nurse and psychic friend made an observation which now is more pertinent than ever.  It is that when blood is shed there is a release of energy and this energy attracts morbid attention.  At an accident, if blood was spilled Ann endeavoured always to disperse the flash of energy because it drew morbid individuals like a magnet.

Now David's information concerning the reality of vampirism, when combined with my friend's observations, makes chilling sense of the rigid unquestioning adherence to ritual slaughter demanded by a certain 'God'.  The reason for the perpetuation of Jewish seshita and Muslim halal despite much public concern, must now be blatantly obvious.  Whilst Kosher authorities claim that their methods are painless, footage from the US shows cows being dropped conscious from shackles and struggling to get to their feet, slipping in their own blood as the next of their terrified kin falls onto them.  In a recent BBC Radio 4 interview the British Veterinary Association revealed that far from being westernised, increasing numbers of Muslims in Britain are demanding that animals should not be even partially-stunned; and people are unknowingly consuming halal as far more is entering the system than there are Muslims to buy it!

So two of the three self-styled 'great religions' insist on tradition at the expense of animal welfare; and the hidden entities who cynically manufactured both, with their irrevocable rules and One True God, enjoy a perpetual supply of terror, pain and blood of the innocent and helpless, courtesy of the slavish compliance of their followers!

Funny how Jainism, which strives to harm nothing, has never really caught on.

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