Writing Contest Entry #95: We've Dug Osiris' Tomb

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Writing Contest Entry #95: We've Dug Osiris' Tomb

Adaya Marcel
Activist Post

Lady of Ten Thousand Names,
Be thou here with us now.
Mother of Love and Burning Flames,
Call back your warrior Son, Horus;
Call Him home...I fear he's gone insane
Mistress of the Womb,
the deeds are done,
revenge extracted, we've dug Osiris' tomb.
Lovely Spirit of the Forgiving One,
Call your warriors home.
She Whose Vision is the Sun;
Horus has only one eye,
the other is an ugly scar.
all he can see is war,
all he can feel is pain,
all he can do is kill.
Give him permission to live again.
Creatress of Compassion
have empathy with all us mothers,
restore the sight of our off-spring;
help us open ALL our eyes; ALL the way.
Sweetness of the Eternal Spring,
remember us to sing the songs
that end all suffering.
What If?
Adaya Marcel
After all the classes I have taken relating to becoming one with the Universe, learning how to love your body through Tantra, Goddess this and God that, yoga, meditation, love others as you would love yourself, UFO, Inner-Terrestrials, Dimensional Beings, and Angels, I still look around and see a world on the brink of destruction.  I look, I listen, I watch, and I hear great intentions, but I see selfishness from too many of us, so myopic that no one even sees that everything is on fire.  Peace is in flames!

I see something that has emerged in the guise of another form of separation, like most organized religions that take money for spirituality given; lies that separate us:  “Just take care of your own little world and everything else will fix itself”.  But the reality is that we are all one interwoven web of life, everything on this living being called Gaia depends, in some way, on everything else.  There is only one sky and one color blood and the way I see it, my choices do make a difference to someone, or something else on the other side of the world.

If I want a jacket with a little bit of animal fur on it and I only want to pay a little bit of money from a store that uses child labor and pays slave wages, will I then also be supporting a practice from China that creates an industry in which all manner of furry mammal is skinned alive to save on the cost of humanely killing them first.

If I eat GE or modified food of any kind, I am supporting an industry that is literally changing the DNA of the entire planet, our bodies included, (of special note: two or three generations into the consumption of GE food, sterility in rats and humans is very high).

If I buy an iPad, will I be supporting an industry that basically treats their employees so bad that they had to install suicide prevention nets along the sides of their many high-rise factory buildings to catch the worn out human beings, only to then make them go back to work?

If I turn a blind eye to all the war that is raging on in our name, will it just go away and not affect me?  I wonder what Pilates exercise I can do, or what kind of multi-grain I can eat to alleviate the horror I will experience when it is my turn later, for not caring now.

If I spend all my time glued to a flat screen TV watching Jersey Shore and other reality rage TV, will I be telling the world that being wrong is the right way to live?   I look upon the misery of this world and if I choose to not care about anything except my own programmed comfort, am I not complicit in a way that is this generation’s form of subliminal brutality: Apathy.

Now, with all this work we have done on ourselves, all our classes and our experiences, now that we have fixed ourselves, isn’t it about time that we do what we came to do?  We know by now, after all our yoga and our meditation; we know that we are spirits having a human experience, right?  We know what we are capable of.  Why did we spend so much time and money learning about love and peace and yet silently watch as our world goes down in flames?  I think the time has come to actualize our truth.   Our raison ‘d’être with some fava beans and a nice Chianti:  Actualize peace.

Perhaps I don’t know what that truly is, but I do know that our truth is not war, or misery, or cruelty, or gluttony or apathy.  I know that we have the ability to bring all our light together to fill this world with more love than hate, more empathy than apathy, gratitude instead of complaints, and more peace than war.  If we so choose, we could balance out the darkness that is necessary with enough light to make life fair for everyone.   In a heartbeat of unity, if we really wanted it, life could be what it was meant to be….amazing.

I’m just saying….

Love, light and peace

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