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Writing Contest Entry #97: Made In?

Stan Kant
Activist Post

I am honored and privileged to say that David Icke is the very reason that I sit here this very day; an open book for all to see. This is my second entry, and I assure you all that is it no less significant than the first. So what is a fabrication; it is a creation, or an invention. A simple and clear example of a fabrication is the computer that I am presently using, or the chair that I sit upon. Humankind has been witness to countless fabrications over the many years of our existence. Many of these fabrications have been created for the basic requirements of our every day needs, such as a toilet, or a bed; while others have been invented to make life more convenient, such as the automobile, or the train. Some creations are solely responsible for the advancement of humankind, such as the Hubble telescope, or the space shuttle; while others have been invented for our amusement, such as the TV, or the computer. The number of fabrications in our world is so vast that the list would travel around the world and back a thousand times over. These fabrications have been a staple in our society for many years, but there is ONE very significant fabrication that society continues to keep hidden in the shadows. This particular fabrication must be kept a secret, because if it were introduced to the masses, the world would instantaneously become a much different place.

Yes, this fabrication is unquestionably the greatest creation of all time. It is so pertinent, that the very moment it is introduced to society, life as we know it shall never be the same. I have recently caught wind of a few inventions on our planet that would undoubtedly revolutionize the very nature of our existence, yet even these, pale in comparison to that which I speak of. Science is advancing leaps and bounds in the fields of quantum theory, particle waves, holographics, and brain capacity, yet still none of these even touches upon the significance of this particular fabrication. The greatest inventors of all time have dedicated their entire lives to this field, yet none of them has even gathered the tiniest inclination of just such a fabrication. This particular fabrication is no more difficult to comprehend than even the most basic of inventions. It comes in many shapes and sizes, yet still remains ONE creation. It is versatile, yet rigid; and vast, yet narrow. Some might say that it cannot be, while others know better. They shall tell us that it was created for the betterment of humankind, when nothing could be further from the truth. It spans across the entire globe, yet known to just a handful.
So what is this well kept secret, and how shall it affect our world? I can tell you that it is bigger than a breadbox, yet small than the sun. I can tell you that many of the world population already know about this fabrication. I can honestly say that the creators of this fabrication are beginning to feel that the cat is out of the bag. They know perfectly well that their little secret has been compromised, and they are presently doing all in their power to make sure that the word does not spread too far. Yes, my brothers and sisters we are heading into a brave new world, where a synergy of science and nature shall revolutionize the very fabric of our existence. While the creators of this fabrication are scattering around trying to protect their secret, the truth is becoming more and more transparent each and every day. We, as a race, shall wake up one day in the very near future and look upon this fabrication as if it was recognized from the very beginning.
In reality, this fabrication is no more significant than an old wives’ tale, because it is completely and totally intangible. If ONE listens close enough they may even hear the whisperings of a long lost tale that has been buried in the archives centuries ago. Yes, this secret is now commonplace in our world, and it shall soon spread to every nook and cranny across the globe for all to see. Desperation has already set in, and the fabricators have been preparing for this day, since forever. We may not know all of their plans, but we have already been witness to those holding the most significance. The supposed lifetime warranty has expired, thus allowing for the fabrication to begin decaying, and falling apart at the seams. It almost seems as if it is hanging by its very last thread, and even the slightest wind may bring about its end. Yes, even though the air is more polluted that ever it seems fresher than ever before. There is a stir in the air, the likes of which humankind has never before witnessed in its entire existence. The energy has shifted, and our world is about to take an extremely sharp turn for the better.
There are many different ways to look upon the shift that is presently taking place upon our planet. Some call it a shift in consciousness, while others speak of a massive global cleansing, and there is talk of the world’s end, while rumors spread of a new beginning. The Holy Scriptures speak of vast changes within not only our world, but our very existence, while the indigenous population speaks of a new awakening. As science has illustrated in many a journal; our entire universe consists of energy. This is a fact that cannot be disputed. As to what extent these energies affect our existence on Earth still remains to be seen. Since the possibilities are endless, I think that it is safe to say that all theories shall forever remain partial and inconclusive. This is the true beauty of our existence, because it is ever changing and forever transforming. To experience such beauty is eternal bliss, whereas knowing it makes it boring and unattractive.                

The stories are vast, and the possibilities are endless, but I like to think of the shift in a very simple manner. In the case of energy, there are always two polarities; positive and negative. I truly feel that this is the way that, not only our universe works, but rather the all of creation. When the energy in a certain area is positive, existence in this area shall be of predominantly of a positive nature, and the opposite if negative.

The creators of this fabrication have been keeping our world in a predominantly negative nature in order for negativity to become our true way. Yes, even though no race of beings would ever truly want to live on a negative world, here we are this very day as living proof, of beings existing on a predominantly negative world. There is no questioning these facts. ONE need simply pick up a newspaper or turn on a TV to see the mayhem that is plaguing our world. The only reason that we are living in a negative world is because the energy in the area is, simply put; negative. We need not revolt against the world powers because that would simply increase the strength of the negative. We need simply come to recognize that which is positive. I can name a few of these positive attributes, such as love, truth, trust, and unity. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand these words, for we witness them each and every day of our lives, yet still we continue to cling to our negative attributes, such as envy, sloth, lust, and hate. So how do we bring about a positive change in the energy surrounding our world; simply think positive. The more we awaken to our true SELF, the more positive our world becomes, and I truly feel that we are presently on the very brink of tipping the scales of nature towards the positive side. The very moment that our world is, once again, of a predominantly positive nature shall mark the end of the past and the onset of the here and now. Each and every day I wake up, I can feel a slight shift in the energy. I can feel my vibration increasing with each breath that I take, and I can feel more positivity within each and every beat of my heart. I feel privileged and honored to be able to share these beautiful words with you all, my brothers and sister. May they bring you much warmth and comfort? Oh yes, I almost forgot about the fabrication. Just in case you have not yet figured it out, I will give you a hint. In close quarters, it is vast, while at a distance it is predominantly blue and green, and no bigger than a marble. As you may have already guessed, it is round; while at one time it was deemed flat. I think I’ve said enough!

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