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realising your dream our vision


realising your dream
the main pilar  of your life force and power.
Passion, Clarity intergrity inner calm and Self Love.  these qualities are the base  on which to manifest  your   own  creativity  and increase your Personal Power.these are supporting pillars of  arcivement. when one of   these quality frail, the whole structure of  our life can  collapse.  when one of these pilar   are  missing  hapiness  and joy  left us  our   vitality are low   and fulfilling our dream become   almost imposible.
we  atrack and created all   that happend in our reality by our   vibrational state  intend  emotion  and  belief.we  need a source of thrust in your own self to overcome the the  cultural programming that society   impose on us .
free our self from limiting beliefs .
generate a lifetime of adventure and wonder,  a deep well of power. Fortunately, we all  possess  an infinite source of energy and  creative power-  we  shall develop   a passion that goes   with  our true calling, our life purpose.
our  excitement for expressing the  uniqueness and the oneness of  spirit can lift us into magical reality. by devotion to our  passion will provides  the power  needed  to reach our dream. Enthusiasm funds the dream. exuberance attracts the people and assistance to build  the fondation . your enjoyment of your special adventure lights you up from the inside. Your inner radiance shines through. People are enticed by your eagerness, your inner fire, your glow. The joy of self-expression is your secret  Natural charisma acts like a magnet to draw in the human and support you need to soar. our sense of aliveness is propage  contagiously  to everything.
High on light , we  can meet any challenge. as the light fills up every pore of our being  doubt and fear cannot find a place to reside in our holy temple.
your not  sure  where  your passion passion lies?
dont worrie about skills and  how  you  will arcive them     focus  your intend    and  keep faith    the universe will  sycronise   and  give  you sing  .

just some tought on wath god conscious energy wave of light with infite inteligence that operate in a very myterious
way in wich is the same as you divine esence that we all are
that create all that... is is wich all that esixt is made of forever expanding conscious universe that is influence by our belief tought and emotion if you ca fell it imagine it and feell good about wath you wish to experience with litle trust and faith anything can become reality you are universe and you are creating your self every moment this reality can be change in a instant the moment we shift our perception see the dream acomplish and hold the vision the more people hold the same vision the self start emanating energy that start to bring about the change you desire and you dont realy have to talk the heart reawke its vision and the earth is restore naturaly to its natural state of beauty god is the manager of the bank of love who gadien of this piece of theater you are the producer and the actor and he never opose to creatif vison and idea wich bring fantesy into is theather and joy the its creation he send creative energy to the player you are in this creation wich enable you to create event more wonder in your life in wich can

only hapend if we let our self be guide by our heart and out

of love for the whole creation

the raising sun and the new earth
a map of the futur as being propose by the childrend of light new earth vision as being share . many as risen to share the glory of the raisin sun its a ocasion to celebrate the return of of light. honoring earths new day the return to prime creator and the beguining of conscious co-creation. this is a time of greatness beckons for all humanity at the very heart of every human being a time for celebration is at the fore. the wisdom keeper of earth would like to congratulate each and every soul who has braved the waters for the rising sun and who took part in the noble journey.
many are on the verge of an entirely new reality, a reality that was only see as a utopian dream. the seeds where planted deeply within your soul and heart patiently waiting for you to give rise the your inner sun. this seed is now sprouting
the vision god has for humanity shall be effortlessly nurtured from within.
the sun as often reminded us that we have all that is needed within,
we are the wayshowers and stewards of the birth of a new huamnity , we say to you rise up! Be one within your community of light, draw on your hidden talents to put forth the gifts that God graced each of you with for this very special time in history.
there never as been a time like this on earth .path that each participant as selflessly embarked upon as bring inner fear into the surface.within the human consciousness somthing miraculous is happening. behind the greater plan was a team of support guiding everyone of our step in the realisation of this journey Pushing many of us to reach farther than we ever imagine possible, deep within our being to find the last thread of determination and will to see yourselves through.
we are the hope and the light of humanity determined we have navigate through turmoil and reach the higher vision for all huamnity, we have see through the illusion.
our inner strength and wisdom as renew faith and hope for all humanity to make the coming transformation posible did you know that such willful resolve was posible?
It was only you who sometimes doubted and wondered if all efforts were in vain, you had all that is needed in you to become the master of light that you truly are.
a reality by which we have great control over existence and creation merely by the realm of thought and emotion that you continuously ascertain. Now that you feet are more firmly planted here, this space will take some getting used to, yes indeed, and with it comes great responsibility for you now hold the key to obtain the truth in most every circumstance.
while many now see the truth before there very eyes, there is still an abiding responsibility of compassion and great restraint must be exercised to care for the vulnerable stage of every growing soul.we have remember you that to assist another is to remember yourselves as the molting snake on the desert floor searching for your new covering. This periode of great awakening is a time of extreme vulnerability for many . Great care must be practiced and with great compassion extended to those stepping on the path.
the light master see a growing concern on the surface of earth as the tides wash the verry fondation of wath you call the modern world wich is in fact a babarian and obsolet way of life that as create sufering for the majority of the earth population all of your old and curent leader as falsely laid claim to power. Be astute, for these times will appear before you to be the end time the great dismantling of a western-dominated materialism society will not be with graceful acceptance at first Be firm. The thoughts that collect and emit from the mass consciousness will carry within great pockets of fear and turmoil. Allow all lower frequencies to wash over you and take charge of your creative powers stay calm. Now is the time to institute your will for the highest good for every human and to merely allow the outworkings of a disabled society to fall around you so that new structure can rise.
Your task now is to merely be in the space of joy and happiness to give rise to the vision visions that as being place deeply within your heart. As true co-creators of the divine, you have been working toward this moment for a very long time, more than you know. Do not attempt to fix what's wrong, for truly, nothing is wrong. The silent revolution has completed its righteous task in service to the All, and now you are in tune with the beat of creator's heart.
create you will! Creation is the name of this new game and you shall employ it well for each vision will be provided with a canvas, the tools and a brand new palette to create the reality that you dream of. Nothing will be impossible to paint on this new canvas and all who wish to participate shall too be given a brush.
Playful creation is in the highest form, for true creation comes with great joy. Lift yourselves above the plunder and stay connected to the stream of abundance that flows so effortlessly in the higher realms. This can only be done through love. We are like proud parents anxiously awaiting your new lives with deep feelings for such profound accomplishments.
Soon you will know how powerful you really are. Rise up! Be one. Uncloak, and join hands with your bothers and sisters around the globe who have risen with you. Truly you are all one. Blessings and divine grace will be the reality for all who rise above the chaos. We are the light and joy of the world, in honor of each and every human.

creating peace on earth

if you can expand your compassionate love large enough to envelop your adversaries, you will see right through their pettimindedness, and avoid their attacks. And once you envelop them, you will be able to
guide them along a path indicated to you whisper by the heaven that is
in your self.

dont see this world with the eye of fear will reduce impulsive action that will harm you but do not renonce to Bravely face whatever the gods offer in a humble way.""""

life contains moments of joy, anger, pain frustration and pleasure, darkness and light, growth and decay. in each moment we can opened our
eye to natural wonder of this world.

do not try to deny or oppose what your soul whisper to you.

always remember that there is a cosmic order throughout the universe that nothing is anarchic in nature all happend for a reason.

seek more often communion with heaven earth; and nature then the world will appear in its true form and you will be able to blend with
anything that come your way.

practicing the art of peace under all circumstances will create a sphere that encompasses all things

Stand like a tree, sit like a rock;move as the wind in the one strike all is strike forget and learn accept your present moment.

the way of Peace is neither fast nor slow, nor inside or outside. It transcends through all time and space.

IF YOUR are STRIKES with fire, become like the water and the wind completely fluid and free-flowing. wind and water never collides with
or breaks against anything. it swallows and contourn up any attack

all technique that you can learn only work if it is in harmony with universal principles and law of this universe not of man. Such principles can only be grasped through and only come to
us with pure consciousness. Selfish desires thwart your progress, if you
not captivated by notions of victory or defeat will liberate
yourself and your Mind will be set free its illusion disolved and all you shall seee is one.

clear and open your sense be centered in your own self.

keep your mind calm and center is the key to wondrous power and clairity.

develop the ability to use all the elements present in your now directly at hand and do not forget to look in your self
to see the best strategy usely relies upon our ability to
have a unlimited set of responses.

find ways to control aggression without inflicting injury to the opponent is the best way to restablish peace and harmony.

PEACE and harmony does not rely on weapons or brute force to happen; but depend in peace and harmony in our self.maintain peace in our own
realms, nurture life, and and create harmony on earth and
destruction is reduce.

the true hero is one who serves and adheres to the power of love.

pay your respect to all elements of the earth.This wonderful world of ours is a creation of the Divine, we shall be grateful and in
gratitude for the chance we have to live on this Planet.

has no set form. offer your heartfelt gratitude in a way you feel
comfortable with , and you will be amply rewarded.

when your realse life is in you you have access to the secrets for the truth of the universe resides in each and every human being.

we do not need buildings, money, power or status to practice the Art of mastery. Heaven is right where you are standing and that is the place to be.

learn to deal in terms of possibilities and, at most,probabilities.

all masters can only impart a fraction of the teaching. It is through your own devoted practice and through direct experience that the mysteries of the universe is revealed to you
and that peace happened.

The realizations of such masters can not be expressed well in words or by theories. The most perfect actions echo the patterns found in nature.

Grasp the essence And move on toward realization.

tranformation and progress

moving from stillness and confusion, trying to adapt to the changes doing all we can to stay focus and grounded into the

infinite consciousness to react properly to all that happend in our life and to this world eternel change movement

seem to never stop we love movement because it is the prouve we are in progress going slowly to help us see the sing

and mark that everything ios moving toward the realisation of our dream as we move closer to the realisation of

the dream world sometime we have to take a new look at wath we are doing and see our self with a new perspective as we

release deeper truth we uncover deeper wounds, that sometime triger fear because of our un understanding that is

cause oftend by old belief and our old perception as we let go of of our old preconception we alow deeper transformation of our self and

the world as we look within, release ourself, create new perspectives, we are discovering power within us that we

before tought didnt exist sometime we may feel ashamed and want to apologize to our creator as we now see a way

out of our misery we found a new joy right where we are. The question is to ask ourselves is "why a havent seing it

before how can this last forever" see now everyday bring more miracle and fantastic event is up to us to see

how amzing it is to be alive now on this planet.we focused and look at the plant nature how well all this growing how can we have

forgot the other creatures that enjoy all this nature too and ask our self with litle madness why are we destroying

wath suitain us all. we develop new patience within us as we start taking mindfull action while we alow room for joy in the same time.

god might not fix all the problem of the world for us no matter how miserable life can become but as we reconise wath mistake was done to

cause this misery we see new door and oportunity oppening to us that can lead us to our childhood dream.

we take the challenge to see wath bring joy to us and all that surending. the ride and transformation seem faster

as we let go of worrying about all that can happend in the futur we start apreciating our journey event more in

this world.acepting all gifts with gratitude we

apply forgiveness and send healing to every situation that are disarmonic wich alow the healing of our being.

guidance come subtily to us confirming that all that we waiting for is in process of becoming reality we feel even

more gratefull of our oportunity of being part of humanity seing how amazing is this shift in consciousness is.

we are slowly removing the mask that society as create for us and corect our behavior that we have so oftend

ingnore in the past.It takes courage to put down our masks that the ego as created, the suprise when we

finally do so, we seem to receive more approval than ever before, for being truth

with our self.One of the pitfalls on the path of self-realization is that we can be caught in the intellectual idea of how a spiritual

person is meant to look, and we create a spiritual ego we create a new box of rule on how we are supose to behave on the

same teaching that help us break the boxes in wich we where trap. completion, enlightenment, self realisation

doesn't have a box. is totality unlimited and we realise that everything is expanding eternally. great inventions and social

changes are oftend the result of unconventional thinking. your ideas may seem irational and unrealistic to others.

canyou trust your intuition, dreams, and visions enough to stay true to them even if not receiving social approval? if not how can you say I honor my inner voice.

just some tought   on  wath   god   is    conscious energy     wave of  light   with  infite inteligence   that    operate    in   a very myterious way    in wich is  the same  as   you  divine esence  that  we all  are
that   create   all that  is     is  wich    all  that  esixt   is made  of     forever expanding    conscious universe    that  is  influence  by  our  belief  tought   and  emotion    if  you  ca  fell  it    imagine  it  and feell  good  about    wath  you  wish  to  experience    with litle trust  and  faith    anything  can become reality    you  are  universe    and  you  are  creating  your  self every  moment   this reality   can be cahnge in a  instant    the moment  we  shift our perception   see    the dream  acomplish  and  hold  the vision    the more  people  hold  the  same vision    the   self start  emanating  energy   that   start  to  bring  about  the  change   you  desire  and  you  dont  realy   have  to   talk    the   heart  reawke  its  vision    and   the   earth  is  restore  naturaly  to its  natural  state    of  beauty    god  is  the  manager of  the bank  of love who gadien of this piece of theater you  are  the producer  and  the  actor      and  he  never  opose  to  creatif  vison  and  idea   wich  bring  fantesy    into   is  theather send  creative   energy   to  the  player you  are  in this  creation    wich  enable  you  to  create  event more wonder in  your life   in wich  can only  hapend  if   we let  our  self  be  guide  by  our  heart    and  out of  love  for  the  whole  creation  

mesage from the earth to humanity

when you incarnate in this phsycal reality , you knew what you were doing.

I am a living being, just like you.

Just like you, I take control of my body.

I ask you to take care of yourself and your thoughts emotions and they will directly afect how a will react toward you .

I'm me iam the very body of god and this rule has reason to be.

I tell you to take care of you soul and return to your original self and a will created a wonderfull play ground for all of you dont try to save meIt is intrusive towards me

It is you that plays in this world and especially your world.Give you the energy to be good and humble , and the world will be better.

be in harmony inside your self and the world will be better.

each act of selfishness greed and miss use of your power and knowledge can bring wrath to all human and you be living in a world where survival become hard.

how god see the worldyou being killing for no reason Killing and destroy animals your brother and sister , plants minerals for an invention called money?

The beings that try to cotrol and manipulate all , think they control this Planet, but waith look at all these disasters Iam this Planet and you need to understand that a will protest more and more agaist your arm full action toward me It will continue to do so and heavier each day, more earthquakes, more floods, more fires, more accidents untill this Humanity understands for once and forever, it cannot messup the Nature of this Planet...

Be in your emotions of joy, love, peace and happiness.

Shine like the sun of positive emotions.

my futur is play inside you right now

iam looking in on you nowWhat do you think you can do from now.

I gave you the chance to do the right thingI gave you the chance to do the bright thingNow my sense is all disgustedRe-affirm you can't be trustedA world imprisoned screams with painThere are no leaders you can blameyou have elect wrong one its you problem fix itYour avarice greeed and pride has destroyed your sphereuntil your change your way it wont get any better

This is the end now.

Luck, Coincidence, and Faith

Homo Luminus - The indigo generation

No more distractions...

If you take an honest look at how we are when we first show up here, we're really very open, friendly and loving creatures. Children will talk to anybody, hug anybody and be their friend makes no matter who they are, they're unconditionally loving and very forgiving. There's no denying that, I don't think. It's only when we've been here for a while, and start to get corrupted by society

Just as very simple post with a very simple but true point to be made here.


That is our core essence.

Tipping Point... You Choose?click here

Make no mistake, there will be much contention when it becomes known that people CANNOT be forced to pay to sleep

For those who are hurting, broke, different, abused, manipulated, homeless, hungry, thirsty, and your so called religious leader is telling you, you need to live their way, give more, do more for them for free, and in return all you get is "you'll be saved from future events" tell them to SHOVE IT! THE WALL IS COMING DOWN! Get ready

Having been hurt, how can a person trust and love again

the real truth about tought control

sonia bareete reality 101 most listen

scientific proff of  energy healig

start practicing to proficiency both for yourselves and all those Light sends you. The time is fast approaching when the access to medical care will be substantially reduced and restricted. This is not a bad thing, for if there is to be a new Earth, WE (those of us who consciously live in the knowledge of the One) are the ones to birth it.

The structures that dominate Earth today were created with the design of continuing oppression. Their goal is to suppress our souls. These structures will die but with horrendous backlash. We can sidestep it all because the way of Light is Simplicity. Do not be afraid but with relief and joy, step into the Way of Simplicity.
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Re: realising your dream our vision

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